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  1. infidel got me

    foaming power steering fluid and hard to steer

    Tires on the ground
  2. infidel got me

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    I have a few that could use battery's -- Thanks Hawker battery
  3. infidel got me

    A/c bracket

    Thank you brother
  4. infidel got me

    A/c bracket

    Yep above ground still.... how's your sister???? lol
  5. infidel got me

    A/c bracket

    Are any members making or know where I could find a bracket to mount a sanden 4 ear compressor?? It's a 923a1 250 na... Thanks
  6. infidel got me

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Those quick disconnects are garbage and will leak when you least expect it. The only time you have to disconnect that line is to change belts or a major repair... My new quick disconnect lasted about 4 months and started leaking on a 80 mile trip. I'll keep the old style without a doubt.
  7. infidel got me

    Do all 6.5's have a valley drain?

    I don't know about a plug in it, but that metal tube is your drain. It runs behind the engine block
  8. infidel got me

    CUCV head gasket / head/ or change engine survey

    I liked that mule...
  9. infidel got me

    Pulsing headlights and parking lights

    Papakb, you described it the way I meant. I knew what I was meaning to say but couldn't describe it.. Service stoplight and service all lights
  10. infidel got me

    Pulsing headlights and parking lights

    Service mode is when you are driving on highway--- not in blackout
  11. infidel got me

    Pulsing headlights and parking lights

    I found the 3 wire harness chaffed at the high/low switch. Where it turns out of switch there is a bracket/cover/guard with 3 phillips screws holding it to floorboard. My harness did almost a 90' turn exiting bracket. Had headlights -hit a bump- no headlights or headlights when it wanted to...
  12. infidel got me

    Pulsing headlights and parking lights

    Is the 3 lever switch in service mode ??
  13. infidel got me

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    coolant Anti-freeze = northern Coolant = southern
  14. infidel got me

    What wheels are on your humvee?

    I ran the - 18 offset on mine and that is real close to stock. I didn't want the skateboard look.
  15. infidel got me

    GoDove HMMWV GMV, Anyone get EUC?

    Not sure if those doors are getting scrapped. Placed neatly on a pallet in sets of 4 per pallet ??? Makes you wonder is they will be sold at a later date for a unattainable price. LOL Most of the yards Iv'e been to, scrap stuff is piled up in the back 40 or thrown in a roll away waiting to get...
  16. infidel got me

    Positive Camber

    Most of the snowflake alignment shops nowadays wont fool with anything that is not just toe n go.. sad days boys... ended up doing my own alignment at home. My buddy had a set of camber/caster magnetic bases and turn plates from his race car days. Total time was 5 hours, but shes straight, no...
  17. infidel got me

    Positive Camber

    All 4 need to come out..helps ALOT if you have soldier 2...
  18. infidel got me

    M998 custom A/C setup

    ac The blower is weak it cools good but not enough air movement
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