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    California members

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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    I suspect that the WIF stuff was put in there because the military has this tendency to cross rivers without using a bridge....
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Thank YOU for your shining examples and encouragement!
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Thank you for helping my morals kind Sir! My wife is still shaking her head, but I feel much better already!!
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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    IN! I just renewed for another two years.
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    Wow! I am totally jealous.
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    Steel Soldiers migration 12/9/19

    Working thru the bumps in the new system, but I want to make one thing clear: I really appreciate the huge effort that Patracy et all have put into this project!
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    Scammers again

    Thank you very much! That is extremely helpful and much appreciated!
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    Smoking on start up (electrical)

    When mounting the new starter, be sure not to forget the strap and bolt that secures the end of the starter to the truck. Also get a NEW proper set of mounting bolts that are to spec.
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    CUCVRUS, you are a real inspiration to the rest of us! Keep up the fantastic work and play.
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    Smoking on start up (electrical)

    My guess is that once you do the doghead mod, you will be good to go. Others may chime in with more suggestions. Let us know how things work out. Make sure you fully charge your batteries, since that run on start will have really drained your batteries.
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    Smoking on start up (electrical)

    Just checking. You do realize that fuseable links are not the same as fuses and are not found in the fuse box. Not being a wiseass, just trying to help.
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    Dual fuel tank install

    I'm afaid I don't know enough about the rules in this case so I can't answer your question, but I would appreciate it if you would post the full nomenclature of the valve including manufacturer and model number so I can find it out there in the web. Thanks Rusty, firefox
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    1986 CUCV M1009 Decade after being wrecked.

    You did good! Enjoy the kids while you still can! And,yes, you can have a break from time to time...
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    CUCV Wiring Diagram color (except M1010)

    Did you click on each pic to get it to magnify first before you copied it?
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