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  1. antennaclimber

    PA No title to a plate in PA

    Dave is right. I'm sure he has much more experience with obtaining vehicle titles than most of us.
  2. antennaclimber

    Another M1010 owner

    Thank you Sir!
  3. antennaclimber

    Another M1010 owner

    I will need some new rear door weather strip as well. Could you please post the McMaster P/N for the material you used? Thanks.
  4. antennaclimber

    Battery Wiring Maintenance

    I removed the engine out of my M1010 for a rebuild, when I removed the starter, I noticed the high current wire connection on the starter looked odd. After removing the B+ wire from the starter, it appeared that at one time this connection became extremely hot. Another example that high...
  5. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Engine has been removed.
  6. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    The truck will get converted to 12VDC, so I may run larger wires to the rear of the vehicle.
  7. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Sure!!! Bring it up and we can have it off in a day...
  8. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Yes, finally a shop that I can call my own!!
  9. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Finally, started the tear down of my M1010. I bought this truck years ago for use on the MVPA Convoys. Well, 8 years later, I am finally getting the chance to do that. Hopefully, I will have it completed by the next Convoy in October 2024. Plans are to refurbish the entire vehicle, delete...
  10. antennaclimber

    PA registration / title

    Go to Harrisburg and use the walk in service center. I was able to resolve my Historic MV tag issue in a short time. The person I dealt with really knew her job and exactly how to correct the issue. Penn DOT Locations Harrisburg Riverfront Office Center Address: 1101 S. Front St., Harrisburg...
  11. antennaclimber

    Loss of all electrical power while driving

    Also check the splices on the fusible links near the 12v diamond shaped junction on the firewall. Tug and pull on them a little to ensure that they are still in good shape. Sometimes they will become intermittent and cause the same issue you experienced.
  12. antennaclimber

    IP rebuild

    Call OFI, ask and see if there is anyway they could get you an IP by Thanksgiving. It's worth a phone call. You can send a core back to them after you have received the new IP.
  13. antennaclimber

    IP rebuild

    I have purchased IP's from Oregon Fuel Injection 3 or 4 times. No issues with them.
  14. antennaclimber

    M17A3 Decon complete kit. Worth keeping?

    Start your own car wash....
  15. antennaclimber

    Dashes Direct final install pics.

    It looks very nice. Curious as to what part of the new dash needed trimming to make it fit correctly?
  16. antennaclimber

    Dash pad question

    Dash Pad Pictures of the the one I purchased from Top Flight in Reedsville, PA It is the Medium Grey version, but I have purchased the Black ones as well.
  17. antennaclimber

    Dash pad question

    I believe it was around $ 250. I puchased and installed it 3 years ago.
  18. antennaclimber

    Dash pad question

    Here are a few pictures of my Top Flight dash board. Not exactly sure which on it is. I think it's the Top Flight - GM82014 Very nice product, I drive over and pick them up at the retail outlet in Reedsville, PA.
  19. antennaclimber

    Where can I find this?

    Those are noise suppression capacitors, they are not normally needed unless you have radio equipment installed. Unplug them and plug them and plug the truck harness directly to the wiper motor.
  20. antennaclimber

    New Member from Massachusetts

    Hello and Welcome to the site. I am sure that a few members will be able to help you with your questions on MA registration and license requirements. One suggestion, typing in all capital letters is frowned upon here. Take care, I hope you enjoy the site and your MV!
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