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  1. MikeON

    PTO powered hydraulic pump for...everything?

    Here is a pump driven by the front-facing PTO that normally drives a winch. This was on a deuce that had a drill rig mounted on it.
  2. MikeON

    Air Assist Steering Install...

    If there is thick paint or CARC on the tie rod, strip it off.
  3. MikeON

    Seeking Advice on Replacing HH O-Rings in the Truck

    To determine rotation direction, I just looked at which way the fan would turn to blow air rearward, and turned jackshaft that same direction. Don't know that it matters which way you turn it. Biggest problem for me was getting some of the injector lines loose at the HH. Two of them kept...
  4. MikeON

    Seeking Advice on Replacing HH O-Rings in the Truck

    Are you replacing the hydraulic head O rings, or just the fuel shutoff O ring? I just last week replaced the hydraulic head O rings and fuel shutoff O ring. Did exactly what you said with the heater - left the water hoses attached and flipped heater onto top of the engine. I put the transfer...
  5. MikeON

    How many Multifuels have been ruined because...

    There were some old threads about failure of connecting rod bolts resulting in block ventilation. Here is one of them but I think there were more threads:
  6. MikeON

    Can you use the Clutch Lever to operate the winch from outside?

    Did anyone ever rig up linkage to the clutch pedal, so you could engage/disengage the engine clutch from the front of the truck?
  7. MikeON

    Pros and Cons of zipper boots

    I installed non-zipper "silicone" boots in Dec. 2012. They lasted less than 3 years and 330 miles of very easy driving. I'm thinking of having them analyzed to see if they were really silicone. I now have non-zipper rubber boots installed.
  8. MikeON

    Parking brake question.

    I'm making the same swap. I found all the necessary parts easily except the 5342-00-999-8591 Brake Cable Bracket 10883130, item number 26. I set up a followed search on ebay and one finally appeared about a year later. It is now powder coated and ready to install.
  9. MikeON

    Who makes the best hub boot?

    Well, I just ordered a pair of black silicone zipperless boots from Ouverson for $37.50 each. They offer rubber boots for $27.50. I would have gone to zipper boots and figure on replacing them occasionally, but since my truck leaked gear oil out the decayed boot, I suspect an axle seal problem...
  10. MikeON

    Who makes the best hub boot?

    I bought some black zipperless boots from Boyce in 2010, installed them in December 2012. They were advertised to be silicone. Yesterday I found a big puddle of gear oil under the driver side steering knuckle, and a big tear in the bottom of the boot. Other surface cracks were visible. The...
  11. MikeON

    Lock out on forward rear axle, to prevent drive line bind

    I put Ouverson hubs on the front axle and the kit with one axle shaft and hub on the middle axle. It does resolve the binding but I find a drastic loss of traction with the middle axle disengaged. Even on gravel with a slight up-grade I have to either re-engage the middle axle or lock in the...
  12. MikeON

    Switch WhaleTail parking brake out

    I have the whale tail brake handle and it is very hair-triggered. The slightest tap when getting in or out of the truck releases the brake. The designer should have put the release on the bottom of the handle instead of the top. I've collected all the components to convert to the new handle...
  13. MikeON

    Uses for Deuces

    Pull sizable trees down, stump and all. Be careful though - you don't have as much directional control as when you make the proper notch and back cut with a chainsaw. This one went a little closer to the house than I care to admit, although no damage done. The cable was attached about 20' up...
  14. MikeON

    Turbo check

    Check this thread. It has pictures to help tell the difference.
  15. MikeON

    Wanting to use the deuce to pull a trailer with 12v electrics.

    I used a 12v converter from ebay, and relays to switch the lights and turn signals. The brake controller is powered directly from the converter and also has a relay-switched wire connected to the brake light switch. Has been working well for 7 years.
  16. MikeON

    D Turbo With Muffler?

    I installed a Dynomax 24216 and made this video before installing to show the difference. After installation as shown in picture, I measured 2-3 db reduction in sound pressure at 55mph. I didn't want to increase the stack height so cut some out of the straight pipe and welded the muffler in...
  17. MikeON

    Rod Bolts

    I'll also offer to get a chemical analysis and hardness profile done on bolts if someone will send them. Just PM me if interested. Mike
  18. MikeON

    So....what do you guys exactly do with these trucks???

    I have a small sawmill and use the deuce for hauling logs, slabs, boards, firewood, and sawdust, and towing my John Deere tractor. I have various ways of getting the logs on, but wil be installing a 5,000 lb. Autocrane soon. With the front winch, I can reach into the woods and pull out...
  19. MikeON

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from Western PA
  20. MikeON

    M35A3 Front Axle Leak

    Navo: Yes, I had bled the brakes. And it has stopped dripping. Thanks for your help. Mike
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