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  1. BM59_Fan

    Fuel Gauge Indication Problem

    At half tank. When the gauge is registering empty it takes 10 gallons to fill the tank up to the filler neck.
  2. BM59_Fan

    Ring Mount For 710K Pinz

    Any one seen any specifics for this ring mount? Thinking about the design for my 710K and mods to it for a m1919A4.
  3. BM59_Fan

    Fuel Gauge Indication Problem

    The previous owner of my 710K Pinz installed a VDO fuel gauge on the dash. The problem I am seeing is that the gauge is indicating empty at half tank. I do not think the sender was changed. So could the problem be is it is a 12VDC gauge? Any guesses and what should I look for? Mike Las...
  4. BM59_Fan

    M116 Series Trailers

    I got a set of three plates for my M116 from MV Data Plates
  5. BM59_Fan

    M116 Series Trailers

    Here are some pics of the trailer I bought. I was looking under the trailer and I found an stamped tab wired to the frame and hidden in a nook and cranny with an ID number of GC4011 on it. From the condition of the metal tab it is undoubtedly original, so I now know the Trailer ID number to...
  6. BM59_Fan

    Contact Assignment for Trailer Connector

    The original trailer connector on the rear of the Pinzgauer is a 7 contact female connector that has both male and female contacts in the connector. On the Swiss version, of the 7 contacts only 5 have wires connected to them. According to the pinz wiring diagram one of the contacts is ground...
  7. BM59_Fan

    Contact Assignment for Trailer Connector

    Any have what the pin/socket assignments are for the trailer connector on a swiss 710K? I can see on the wiring diagram turn/stop, tail lights, and ground but also what I guess is a Convoy low vis light output BUT the contact assignments in the 7 contact socket are not illustrated. I am...
  8. BM59_Fan

    Met a fellow SS-er today on a traffic stop

    I have lost track of the number of times I have been pulled over because some LEO (Las Vegas City, State, or SO in various counties) wanted to have a better look at my 710K. The training NCO at my local National Guard Armory (Transportation Unit) also asks me to bring my truck ny...
  9. BM59_Fan

    M116 Series Trailers

    Glassk, Thanks for the info. This is what mine looks like, notice the brake handle configuration which is curved and operates side to side. I do not have the connector harness or top bows for mine.
  10. BM59_Fan

    M116 Series Trailers

    Thank You for the INFO!!!! I searched for M116 ID plates and found a vendor that has them, now I have to figure out what to stamp on it so I can put it on the street behind my Pinz! Any historical info on the M116 trailer that any might have would be very helpful infilling out the blanks on...
  11. BM59_Fan

    M116 Series Trailers

    Hi all, I obtained a flatbed Military trailer this last month for $150.00 that I discovered is a M116A1 that was once used to mount a welding generator unit. The ID plates are missing but the configuration is unmistakeable. This is not mine but this is the basic configuration...
  12. BM59_Fan

    My 710K Pinzgauer

    Here is a nose on shot of my 710K Pinz taken when my brothers family came by to visit on their way across country.
  13. BM59_Fan

    Ring Mount Dimensions

    Can any help with M36 or similar ring mount dimensions? I am looking for what is called out on the attached jpg. a = ring web height b = height of bearing surface c = width of web d = internal Diameter of Ring Mount Web e = thickness of ring web Edited to add: A diameter measurement from the...
  14. BM59_Fan

    New Guy w/710K in Las Vegas NM

    Was born and raised in California. Left So Cal for a while when in the Canoe Club. Was stationed at Moffett Field (VP9) when Active duty. Got out in June 1980 and started working for Lockheed the same month on the P3 Program at Moffett Field. Moved back to Ontario in 1986 when I went on the...
  15. BM59_Fan

    New Guy w/710K in Las Vegas NM

    Hi all, New Member in Las Vegas New Mexico here. I am retired from Lockheed Skunk Works were I was an Engineer across many disciplines. I am an A&P Mechanic, a Master Machinist, and a Gunsmith. I have the honor of being a Veteran of the US Navy and a Desert Storm Vet. I have a 710K Pinz...
  16. BM59_Fan

    710K with Ring Mount

    Has anyone seen a 710K or 712K with a ring mount on the passenger roof hatch? I am considering mounting a M36 Ring Mount on my 710K to be able to fire a M1919A4 from it. Ideas?
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