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  1. richingalveston

    Alternator issue

    after looking at the pic again, you should not have that many wires connected to the relay. your 12 volt terminal block is empty, most of those wires should go to the 12 volt terminal block and not the relay. Your jumper from the resistor should go to the terminal block and then to the relay...
  2. richingalveston

    Alternator issue

    that is the glow plug relay and yes when the wait light is on then there should be voltage there but when the light goes out it should stop and start to cycle on and off until the engine is up to temp then once up to temp, it should stay off. This cycling is controlled by the glow plug...
  3. richingalveston

    Alternator issue

    did you get the ground wires connected to the block. There is a ground wire from the cab and one from the bus bar. maybe these are not connected properly. You may have a wire shorted out on the block some where and the voltage is coming through the block from the battery/alt output and not...
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