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    Rookie brake question

    I have been beating my head on the wall with the front brakes. Sanity check please. Is it the front circuit on the master cylinder that is supposed to have the small line and go to the front brakes? it has the larger reservoir as well? Thanks. Been messing with them for months to get them...
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    Gov lock is going

    My M1009 rear is locking up pretty much all the time now. just hand spinning the drum with the wheels of causes it to try and lock, pulling into parking spots and its locked up. Is it possible to remove the locker portion and just leave it an open diff? Or and I about to spend large amounts...
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    Gen 1 is killing me.

    SoI have no gen 1 light. Pulled the plug on gen 1 (drivers side) red is 12, brown is zero with ignition off. 8v with ignition on... When the engine is running the gauge shows lower than normal, but as the revs go up it moves to normal. Battery 1, (front) shows 13.2 v with key off, same...
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    oil leak

    recently replaced the oil cooler lines and did an oil and filter change. I know have a monster oil leak. As in 2 quarts over 50 miles and can see the trail of oil on the road monster leak. Crawl under and it appears to be at the oil filter/engine block mating surface. Replaced oil filter and...
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    6.2 timing chain stretch or Fast idle switch causeing rough starts.

    I know that the timing chain on the 6.2 can stretch and retard timing. I am having problems when the M1009 starts cold, it smokes a lot, and idles very rough for about 5 seconds at the first start of the day. Once warm it is great. Once it cools down to about 100 on the gauge the fast idle...
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    Cold Advance issues

    Here is my issue. My truck starts great in the morning, and runs strong Fast idle works great, and I assume cold advance works good. Restarts great, runs strong. However if it sets a couple hours and cools off, but not cold it will start, but runs rough, and smokes like heck, for about 30 or...
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    Intake manifold gasket

    I am installing my newly rebuilt IP, and the manifold gasket I got for the 84 blazer, is not for a J code motor, it has the holes for the pre-heater, will this work or do I need to order the one with the holes filled?
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    Urethane kit for 1009

    Wanting to replace the rubber in my suspension while I am doing shocks, is there a company that has a complete urethane kit for the 1009? I don't want to piece it together. Thanks
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    M1009 Engine RPM

    I have a 1985 M1009, approximately 50,000 miles on it. It starts easy, and runs great. Problem is, when started cold, it fires right up and the cold advance/fast idle seem to work great, abut 2 minutes into the warm up, the RPM start to climb slowly, until it is racing pretty good. Once it...
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    CUCV in Tipton county TN

    I was out and about exploring the area we just moved to here in Tipton County TN, and drove by a place that had 2 or three CUCV's in the front yard, was wondering if it was anyone on the board?
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    M1009 Transmision downshift switch

    I need a downshift switch, TM's list part number as 1242101, it is not listed at any of the local big parts stores, (oriely, autozone, napa) does anyone have a source for this part? I need it in the next day or two so the ones I found with google are not going to make it in time...
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    What caused my thermostat to try and turn inside out

    I pulled the crossover pipe today to install a temperature sending unit and found my thermostat had tried to turn itself inside out. I have attached a picture, but it looks like the rubber ring was pushed back through the thermostat, could it have been installed backwards?
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    Lemoore CA, to San Diego CA, to Millington TN

    Navy has given me orders to TN. Driving the M1009 to San Diego then on to Millington TN. Will be towing a 2300 pound car and have the back loaded with about 1500 pounds. I know that is pushing the limit on weight. I have HD breaks installed, a transmission cooler, and a new harmonic...
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    Transmission cooler fittings

    I am installing an external transmission cooler and in my research here ran across a thread that had pictures of an install that had brass adapters at the radiator and at the hard lines so that no cutting was necessary and it could be easily returned to stock. This is what I want! Problem...
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    Heading out for a 400 mile drive

    Heading out in a couple hours to drive from Lemoore CA to Fallon NV. The 1009 should do great. New spin on filter with spare, new belts with spares, spare injectors. Fresh wheel bearing and oil changes. Looking forward to some desert exploring in Fallon, any sugestions?
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    Rigid fuel line from pump to Filter

    I had to replace the lift pump yesterday, and it was so corroded from years of service that the nut was seized, took 2 hours of break free, vice grips, and a hammer to get it off. I boogered up the nit pretty good, and while I was able to get it back on with no leaks, I would like to replace it...
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    M1009 Front Wheel Bearings

    My head hurts. 2 Weeks ago I replaced the wheel bearings, but did not have a torque wrench. So the next weekend I acquired a wrench and re-torqued to spec(35 Ft Lbs.). The lock washer lined up on both sides at 35 pounds so all went back together. Wheels had a good amount of drag but that is...
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    Clogged IP return valve

    I really need some good news guys. 2 days ago my M1009 just lost power. Had to floor it to get up to 35 MPH. Barely idled and died on me a couple of times at idle. Always re-started right up. while idling not much smoke to speak of, but after idling a minute or so, when given gas it made...
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    Do I need a transmision cooler?

    The recent thread about the towing capability of the M1009 has brought up a question. In 6 months from now (late january) I will be moving across country From CA to TN. I will be towing my 2001 Hyundai Elantra (2500 pounds) as well as having about 1000 in the back of the 09. I know what the...
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    The Chief all dressed up for our nations birthday.

    Here is my M1009 ready for the Fourth Rich
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