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    VIN Number?

    Which number would be considered the VIN? 1968 M35A2 W/W Thanks

    Jeeps and others after WW2 pics

    Jeeps and other vehicles stockpiled in Japan after WW2, I doubt any of these made it back to the states; Others; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Fire department hmmwv

    This past week we picked up a 1990 2-door HMMWV at the Texas Facilities Yard. Drives good, our guys drove it from San Antonio to our station, a 3 hour drive. We plan on turning it into a "light" brush truck, with a small water tank and pump. Our mechanic chose this one based on the...

    HMMWV for Texas FDs

    Just passing along some information. If you are a Texas FD, VFD, county or City agency, LEO, etc. And you get a HMMWV from the Texas Facility Commission Yards/DRMO in San Antonio or Fort Worth, you can get them titled in Texas for the road. We've been thinking of getting one for a "light"...

    Email from Texas Facilities Commission 081314

    Got this email this afternoon at 16:08 Central Time, unsure how this will affect sales to the public though, but for govt agencies / FD's / VFD's / LE / etc, this is good news: MESSAGE FROM SURPLUS PROPERTY DIRECTOR: Great news, I am going to make this very short. We just got official word...

    M35A2 still on U.S. active duty?

    Was in San Antonio for a bit, Yesterday I saw some nice "fresh painted look" solid green M35A2's with woodland camo covers on Military Drive near Lackland AFB towing what looked like M105 trailers. The drivers had on the digital uniforms with yellow ear muffs, I couldn't tell what branch of the...

    LMTV Rim / Tire Question

    Will these fit a LMTV? They are 395/85 R20

    LMTV at DRMO, spec's? Engine?

    We run two converted M35A2 as brush trucks. The other day at the DRMO yard I saw that they are starting to get some LMTV's in... :twisted: They have a nice tan STEWART & STEVENSON model with 16000 miles on it, great shape, great tires, including the spare. What kind of engine do these have...

    A2 lock ring rim tire machine?

    Our Mechanic picked up this tire machine at the DRMO/Texas Facilities Commission Yard in San Antonio for $1,000, it looks brand new. Anyway, he says it a breeze to mount tires on the M35/A1/A2 rims with this machine, he puts the tire with tube in it on the rim, sets the lock ring against the...

    Seat Question?

    Our mechanic was at the DRMO / Texas Facilities yard in San Antonio and picked up a few of these air ride seats that he was told might be for a Deuce, when I saw them I told him I didn't think they were for a deuce, A3 or otherwise. The width and bolt holes look real close, the seats also have a...

    Texas DRMO A3 "parts" trucks

    Just wanted to let the Texas members know, who are authorized to get stuff through the Texas Federal Surplus Program, that the San Antonio yard has four M35A3's that they have listed as parts trucks. One has a bad tranny, one has a bad starter, the other two were described as having electrical...

    12.5r20 Continental tires on Deuce?

    I did a search and couldn't find the answer: Does anyone have any pics of a deuce with 12.5R20 MIL NATO 12-ply old style Continental tires like in the picture? or have used these tires on a duece? We were looking for more 12.5R20 Michelin X's ( we have three already ) and found a place with...

    16.00 x 20 Tires on a Deuce

    Somewhere on the net I've seen pictures of deuce(s) with singled 16.00 x 20 tires on custom rims. Has anyone here done this? is it possible on a stock deuce using custom rims. And... what suggestions for places for aftermarket rims? We have a source of brand new 16.00 x 20 XL tires on pallets...

    Tank Engine ID

    These were at the Federal Surplus yard in San Antonio when we picked up a deuce engine; Supposedly a tank engine? for what?

    Engine swap fun

    Our M35A2 W/W brush truck started having some engine noise recently, but our mechanic couldn't trace the exact problem. We decided to go ahead and swap out the engine, we recently picked up two new/rebuilt engines at the DRMO yard in San Antonio for $600 each, plus we have a 3rd engine we...

    M923A2 tranny?

    Hello all, We are looking at maybe upgrading one of our deuces to a 5-ton, and had some questions? We are looking at this truck, a 1990 M923A2. One of our mechanics is a certified Allison tech in his real job. That being said, does anyone know what model of 5-speed Allison is in these trucks...

    5-ton gun trucks in Iraq?

    Found these pictures and reference to a official kit for these trucks: !st pic shows one after conversion, 2nd pic is after one was hit by an IED.

    Deuces for Govt Agencies in San Antonio

    Figured I would pass this along: These are available for sale in San Antonio to Texas Fire Departments / Govt Agencies only: The A2 with the winch is $3500 :confused: The other two A2's are $300 each The Tan A3 is $1275 The other Two A3's are $7000 and $8000 The pricing makes no sense...

    Radioactive Deuce?

    Some of our firefighters recently hauled an old parted out M211 to the scrapyard. ( We used to have a M211 & a M135 as parts trucks for our since retired M211 based brush fire truck ) Well, seems the truck set off the radiation alarms at the scrapyard scale, the yard was shutdown, ppl were...

    M818 info needed

    Hey guys, We only run deuces and don't know squat about 5-tons Our sister Volunteer Fire Department was given a 1977 M818 that was converted to a water tanker, this is their first ex-military fire truck. We are helping them put this truck in service. One of our diesel mechanics is working on...
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