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  1. steelypip

    MEP-002A and -003A main breaker

    If the output breaker tripped, it's because you were above the current-time line for the breaker. They don't have a single tripping point, but will trip at progressively lower amperages as time increases. That's to allow the circuit to run in a temporary overload state to start a big motor...
  2. steelypip

    MEP-002A and -003A main breaker

    ^^What he said. A minor source of heartburn for people camperizing comm shelters and shop trucks is that their bulkhead mounted AC or HVAC systems (even the little 6K BTU ones) all run on 208/3 phase, which isn't commonly available at your friendly local campground.
  3. steelypip

    MEP-002A and -003A main breaker

    If a hard start capacitor on the compressor motor solves the problem that's definitely the cheap/easy/simple way to go. I suspect it will if the running load is that small.
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