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  1. 10isBestmm

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Anyone have or know where to get the shock absorbers for the front mid and rears? I broke a mid and front. Looking for on both mk23, or amk25.
  2. 10isBestmm

    MTVR cab fenders

    And make it strong enough to accidently stand on like the old 5 tons
  3. 10isBestmm

    MTVR cab fenders

    Might be easier to take a fender to a aluminum or sheetmetal workshop and made up instead of whatever the hell the current ones are made of
  4. 10isBestmm

    Second EUC speed?

    Be careful on the year. I got an off-road letter for my 2007 AMK25 this month. Exact verbiage Unless compliant with State and Federal regulations, these vehicles are for off-road use only. Most likely due to 2007 Carb emissions standards. 27 July to 5 Nov 2021 for 3rd EUC
  5. 10isBestmm

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    July 24th Submitted, Recieved on Nov 5th. 2021
  6. 10isBestmm

    MTVR key-locking outside door handles installation:

    You can add up to 2 inches by unscrewing the Z out of the the female to female coupler.
  7. 10isBestmm

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Did you also end up cutting off the bed frame? I dont believe I saw it in the pic.
  8. 10isBestmm

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    The isolocks work well? Looks clean.
  9. 10isBestmm

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    A little bit under 13" The exhaust is at 12'6" if I recall right, and its about 4" taller than that. Ill measure it tomorrow
  10. 10isBestmm

    What have you done to your MTVR today?

    Mounted my S280 shelter onto the truck. Wish it was 3 inches shorter so I could keep the tailgate and sides on.
  11. 10isBestmm

    Rear tire ctis problem

    Installed a brand new splicer ctis for the tire. Problem fixed.
  12. 10isBestmm

    What trailers are appropriate for the 7 Ton?

    Tried towing a m1061 a few months ago and the pintle height is a problem. Bought a m1073 and find its a pretty good fit, like the m1061 but with larger tires and the pintle mates up much better.
  13. 10isBestmm

    Rear tire ctis problem

    Encountered a problem I havent noticed till I engaged the 2 to 7 ton mode on the truck. Rears normally run 35psi unloaded and 55 psi when in 7 ton mode. Never really had a need until recently testing a trailer and having a 3 ton container put onto the bed. Engaged in 7 ton mode and the...
  14. 10isBestmm

    Tools to carry for busting MTVR tires?

    My new favorite tool is a slap sledge bead breaker. Breaks the bead without me having to ding my rims from not slinging sledge hammers all day.
  15. 10isBestmm

    Mtvr tow bar connectors

    Gents, I pulled up the motivation and took the feet off my heavy tow bar to make sure itd fit. The tow bar has 1.5" pins and the gap is 2". The gap I need is 1.5" rough abouts. Can I just throw in some washers or is there a similar connector I could use instead. Also, how bad would it be to...
  16. 10isBestmm

    Parking light Indicator MK23

    Truck recently started having the parking light indicator stay on for 2-3 mins when releasing the parking break. Truck rolls and brakes aren't engaged and the air tanks are full. (110-130 PSI) Anyone have a similar problem? It happens during warm and cold temperatures. Oshkosh MK23 2003
  17. 10isBestmm

    Tools to carry for busting MTVR tires?

    Tire hammer, oring plus spares, small wrench and socket set for the beadlock, tire soap with spray bottle, torque multiplier, 33mm deep socket 1 inch, milwaukee 3/4 heavy impact, 33mm 3/4 deep socket. 3/4 and a 7/8 flare wrench with the 90 degree head to remove the ctis, a 4ft 1 inch socket...
  18. 10isBestmm

    220v 3phase from MEP-003

    Size up the breakers to your gen set. If youre wiring it 3 ph 220/380 50hz for 10kw gen then thats only 20A 3 ph breaker. 3 phase 110/208 60 hz would be 30 to 50 3 ph amp breakers depending on what you could find.
  19. 10isBestmm

    220v 3phase from MEP-003

    There is no 3 phase 220v. Each leg is 220v and 2 legs youd get 380v. It being a 4kw device with a 30 amp breaker suggests its actually only using 220v single phase. That is for non usa power. The info on the water purifier is doesnt make much sense. Id check the individual pumps, motors, and...
  20. 10isBestmm

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    Eli, What and how did your winch die? I ordered the same one myself and some green paint.
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