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  1. Lonnie

    Did you lift your bed when you added 16.00's?

    I used a pressure treated 4x4 between the bed & frame. I bolted the board to the frame before installing the bed to ensure it does not move.
  2. Lonnie

    Bouncing like a ball.

    Is the truck OK on smooth roads? If so, it may be tire pressure related. Is your tread touching the ground to the edge of the tire? If you aren't running with a load, you can likely reduce the pressure substantially. With 16:00's I run 35-40psi on the rear. Any more & the outer edges of the...
  3. Lonnie

    My M813 gets a turbo!

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'll PM you my phone number.
  4. Lonnie

    My M813 gets a turbo!

    Looking good... your exhaust & inlet piping looks a lot like mine. I'm still working on fitting my 3rd Jake brake that I copied from you lol...
  5. Lonnie

    Heavier u-joint on wreckers and tractors ?

    My M818 has the commercial flanged style.
  6. Lonnie

    CA Hagerty Alternatives?

    I have cars insured with Hagerty & was told mine has to be in a garage also. At the time, I did not have a place for mine so I looked elsewhere. Their rates are based on $ value so insurance can be rather cheap. Keep in mind, it is only covered for use during club functions, car shows &...
  7. Lonnie

    OH No Luck in Ohio

    I have many antique cars insured with Hagerty, but they would not insure my truck if parked outside... They also have a stipulation that he vehicle is to only be used for club functions, parades etc. This concerned me as I just want to ride around sometimes. I contacted my regular State Farm...
  8. Lonnie

    M818 Turbo Addition

    It does not fit in the factory cradle... I removed that. I used a 5" tube with a 9" dia x 10" length
  9. Lonnie

    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    If you up the boost & relocate it in front of the radiator it will help. There it is likely heating the air from the engine/radiator heat.
  10. Lonnie

    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    The boost curve is pretty lazy & will not make much boost until the revs are up in the 1800 range, below that it falls off fast. 1100 is not bad for an exhaust temp, but I could not make any heat with the turbo before I increased the fuel... under 800 was it. The intercooler you have will be...
  11. Lonnie

    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    Sounds like the turbo is not spooling. You obviously have no exhaust restriction, but the inlet air is in question. I test drove mine with a K&N cone filter on the turbo & it worked OK before I got the factory canister piping built.
  12. Lonnie

    M939A1 NHC Turbo

    You said the temps go high... but never quantified that. What reading are you seeing? Also, mine would not make over 3-4psi boost with stock fueling. It is up to 12psi now with 200psi rail pressure & still only emits a light trail of smoke.
  13. Lonnie

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    My center one sounded more muffled similar to the pop from an air compressor, whereas the rear one had the more obnoxioius typical Jake brake sound.
  14. Lonnie

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    If you have the opportunity to road test each Jake individually, could you confirm each sounds the same? My center jake is quieter & I cannot figure out why. I thought it may be due to the firing order or the proximity to the turbo... I'm just guessing but wouldn't mind a second opinion.
  15. Lonnie

    3 Jake heads under a stock M809 hood!!!

    Awesome work. I was planning the same thing, but never got around to test fitting everything. Other projects took precedence & the truck got ignored again. Thanks for sharing the measurements, you saved me a few hours of experimentation.
  16. Lonnie

    M818 Turbo Addition

    That would be nice if you can share the dimensions. I put the filter housing on the pass fender, but I should build a brace for it.
  17. Lonnie

    Handling heavy tires

    If you don't have a dollie... An easy way to install/remove (even on dirt/gravel) is to get 2 half sheets of plywood (preferably leave the top sheet smaller, maybe 1/4 sheet) & put 2 layers of plastic between them with a coating of oil (I used motor oil, but the heavier weight the better)...
  18. Lonnie

    M818 Turbo Addition

    Sorry... I forgot to get back to you. Mine measure 2-1/4" tall.
  19. Lonnie

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    Funny you mentioned Wheaties when you are talking about removing nuts... lol.
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