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  1. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    $30 paypal fee where the deposit was sent $165.10 for the listing fee, with enlarged pictures, featured link, ect to help get it noticed $12 incoming wire transfer fee for the truck amount =$207.10 I feel that is pretty decent fees, better that paying insurance on it and having it sit with a...
  2. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Thanks, now time to play with getting a M37, M715, or M1009! :driver:
  3. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Ebay and craigslist (sold on ebay) I guess I can post the link now that is sold and have recieved the deposit: Other Makes - eBay (item 190509929670 end time Mar-13-11 13:55:01 PDT)
  4. Brentzilla

    Possibly: NC to MD - M105 and/or M105 frame

    I sold my M35A2, trailer and trailer frame to a gentleman in Maryland. He's sending a trailer down to get the truck and what ever else will fit but might need help taking an empty trailer and/or a frame up north. If anyone is planning a trip in the next few weeks possibly we could help him get...
  5. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Got her sold yesterday, payment is on the way and were just trying to figure out how we can get the truck, trailer, and frame all on one trailer for the buyer to take up to Maryland. Nows when I wish I had a crane like you guys so I could put the frame upside down on a trailer! Hopefully we can...
  6. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Thanks for the feedback :beer:
  7. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Thats why I didnt put the price or pictures. Hopefully the mods dont see it as a for sale post. I did have it listed here and after talking with a few potentials, it expired its time. This is for "the other" auction site I'm working on listing right now. [thumbzup] off_sho_cajun gave me good...
  8. Brentzilla

    Selling the Deuce, advice requested

    Looks like I'm already gonna sell the Deuce. Its to big for me to mess with, Ill be in law school next year so the money would help, prob. wont have a apartment complex that lets me park it, ect. Can someone please look over the info I'm putting in my add and feel free to critique anything I'm...
  9. Brentzilla

    How shes doing now

    Couple pictures from today with the cargo cover on. I still need to steal 1 bow off my other trailer.
  10. Brentzilla

    M105 Camper

    Here are the pictures, one of mine was solid wood cut longer, I bed you'll be fine.
  11. Brentzilla

    m105 tall cargo cover

    I took pictures today for DUG of my set up. It was like this when I bought the trailer from bulldog_mack but as far as I know its original. All of my bows have the metal extender except for one which is a solid piece wooded one.
  12. Brentzilla

    Self Locking Door Handles for the Deuce

    I got the handles yesterday and took my old ones off. It appears that the deuce shaft has two separate square shapes with the small section being off center. I tried sliding my in but it wouldn't turn the latch. I know Im missing something minor here for it to operate the door properly. Tips?
  13. Brentzilla

    Still Waiting

    Was this your first auction, and were you EUC's sent to Battle Creek yet?
  14. Brentzilla

    M105 Camper

    Thats actually pretty similar design to the metal ones Im using.
  15. Brentzilla

    M105 Camper

    If I get a chance Ill take a picture of the stuff tomorrow, might help give you some ideas.
  16. Brentzilla

    'Fallen Armor' Junkyard Dio

    Thats incredible, Id love to see pictures of any other dioramas you have done. MV or not MV related, you have a touch
  17. Brentzilla

    M105 Camper

    Dug have you ever thought about the extended bows and extended cover? I have both that I haven't decided if Im keeping or not. 1 of my bows is wood and taller, the rest are metal with an extension piece added in. The cover is green vinyl then canvas sewn on to the bottom.
  18. Brentzilla

    Heated Mirrors

    Thats a great idea, I just gotta get some west coast mirror brackets now, and money! Whats next, a back up cam? :driver:
  19. Brentzilla

    Ss is a bad influence

    Hahaha great pictures! Very cool steps too
  20. Brentzilla

    How shes doing now

    Im not sure, I didnt pay much for them and worked out a trade on some other stuff I had. Ill let you guys know if more come up for sale.
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