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  1. motomacguyver

    The best lockout hubs for a Deuce

    No I haven't, sounds like fun though. Maybe some year...
  2. motomacguyver

    The best lockout hubs for a Deuce

    Overson, are hands down the best. Made in USA. I can't imagine a spot that you would take a duece to that was so tight that you had to worry about the extra ~1.5 inch.
  3. motomacguyver

    To use snow chains or not?

    Isn't the axle center to center distance fixed, or very nearly, so by the dog-bones? So that the articulation would not change the length of the tracks? The tracks look like a great,relatively easy to make traction aid. A deuce would be nearly unstoppable in this configuration I would think.
  4. motomacguyver

    M35A3 Transmision question.

    We will all be interested in hearing if the transmission shop finds a torn "O" ring on the 4th gear piston. It could be as simple as a burr that was left on a 2.79$ part. See post #69.
  5. motomacguyver

    CTIS Theory questions.

    As the original poster, it’s been awhile for me, but thanks for all the replies. I now have a much greater understanding of the system. In my particular case, I believe that two of my wheel valves are not functioning correctly, as air escapes from the little orange plug on the wheel valve until...
  6. motomacguyver

    Lockout hubs

    That is correct, Overson engineering sells the best stuff.
  7. motomacguyver

    M35a3 lost power and now nothing

    This does sound like a fuel delivery issue to me, However I had an intermittent problem with starting, NOT running ...and it was ultimately the fuel shut off switch. Check to see if it will run on either, with the cold start bottle full. If she runs for a few seconds, and quits, it must be a...
  8. motomacguyver

    M35A3 power steering boost

    I replaced my hose with some generic rubber stuff also. TAKE NOTE that the other end of the hose goes to the air intake, after the air filter. If you do not have a solid hose here, the engine could ingest dirty air. I also changed the fittings that come out of that actuator to 90 degree...
  9. motomacguyver

    How many miles can an M35A3 log?

    Cat's design lifetime on these engines is stated to be 10,000 to 15,000 hours. So to be conservative, at 30 M.P.H. And 10k hours, = 300,000 miles. At 40 M.P.H and 15,000 hours = 600,000 miles. I have heard of the engine going 500,000 mi. in non-military applications. For comparison a...
  10. motomacguyver

    M35A3 Owners unite

    On mine, I didn't like the routing of the hoses off the bottom of the air actuator "thing" in your picture. so I put 90 degree fittings on and had the hoses go away from the front tire. I also replaced the large hose that goes to the air cleaner side with something more durable. Mine was broken...
  11. motomacguyver

    M35A3 Owners unite

    I would be afraid of the Slime clogging up the CTIS system. Works good in other stuff though.
  12. motomacguyver

    A3 front end shake above 45.....

    Cut and paste from a different post. I had my CTIS stuff off the wheel and weighed the components at the grocery store. The cover 3.57 lbs The counter weight 2.82 lbs The wheel valve with fittings and hoses. 1.75 lbs 4 lug nuts 1.38 lbs 4 regular nuts .45 lbs. So if we figure (guess) 75 % of...
  13. motomacguyver

    M35a3 3116 missing engine part ?

    Same here.
  14. motomacguyver

    Advice rebuilding Allison 1545 Tranny?

    My A3 developed the same problem, I took the truck to the local tech college to have them remove and replace the transmission. They don’t do tranny rebuild there so I sent the tranny to Inland Power group near Milwaukee. Inland Power replaced the fourth gear clutches and dyno tested the unit...
  15. motomacguyver

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    This link is what I found out when I looked at the same question. Post # 60 involves a tranny swap.
  16. motomacguyver

    Compatible transmissions for the M35a3 with the cat 3116

    Check this post page 6. M35A3 Transmision question.
  17. motomacguyver

    M35A3 CTIS Hub Seal Retainer

    I found out that the quad seal retainers for a humvee have the same NSN # and found them cheaper on E-b@y. ALL of the 3 inch axle nuts on mine were not even close to the correct torque, resulting in damage to two of the quad seal retainers. (It makes the retainer rub against the race of the...
  18. motomacguyver

    Lockout hubs

    I'm pretty sure Overson is the only place to get a double splined axle shaft.
  19. motomacguyver

    M35A3 Owners unite

    OK - got it, Thanks.
  20. motomacguyver

    M35A3 Owners unite

    Lower tire pressure will drastically help where you want to go. (Expressed in sand) However I think it would be easier and lest costly to just buy an adjustable psi set point air regulator (30$) and 6-7 of the clip on tire chucks (2-3$). Attach it all together EXTERNALLY in a redneck manifold...
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