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    85 M1009 runs great, then wont restart

    Sorry for the late post. Been messing with my M1009 almost every day since posting. Finally figured out the problem was the fuel tank and/or the fuel sending unit. We dropped and replaced both and now its running quite well. Will let yall know if anything changes.
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    85 M1009 runs great, then wont restart

    Thanks so much for your quick reply. I will get right on that. I forgot to mention that when the truck starts to die the fuel gauge drops significantly.
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    85 M1009 runs great, then wont restart

    Gentlemen, Just bought my first MV, an '85 CUCV 6.2 in what appears to be fine condition. Its been my daily driver for three weeks with no problems at all. I started on short jaunts around the neighborhood to gain confidence. Never got over 45 mph. Once i did go over 50 mph i felt dirt come...
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