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  1. SgtMajHarper

    GAMA GOAT-New restoration questions/opinions

    I use regular car batteries on mine also, I also got a little piece of angle iron that I drilled a couple of holes in and used it as a cross brace on top of my batteries then just snug it down with washers and nuts. I strongly, strongly recommend that you get a couple of battery maintainers to...
  2. SgtMajHarper

    GAMA GOAT-New restoration questions/opinions

    Nice find and good on you for the recovery / restoration of a piece of history. I am not the Goat expert, but I am Goat owner / operator, so mostly this is just my view of the world of green machines. Gama Goats are a big pain in the butt to work on, I'm tall, out of shape (fat), and have a...
  3. SgtMajHarper

    Colorado Bill SB19-054 RE: (Former) Military Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation

    Yup!! What ^ he said. The state of Colorado has been acting like a mini version of the federal gov't. by making things up as they go when they find something they don't like. They don't get the law changed; they just change their mind on how this issue has been dealt with since vehicles began...
  4. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    Looking good! "If" I was PFC Schmuckatelli riding in the back on a .50 or had me one of them spiffy jump seats to ride on when not looking around for bad guys in the land of live pop-up targets, I'd have a little warmer fuzzier feeling if that big opening in the back had something in it to slow...
  5. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    What is going into the space between the outer and inner bulkhead? Sandbags? Are you leaving the rear end open like in the mockup or putting in something like a halftrack rear hatch?
  6. SgtMajHarper

    M715, 230 Tornado engine

    I need an original M715, 230 ci, Tornado inline 6 cyl. engine. Mine let go a while back, my guy finally got around to pulling it and tearing it down and he said it is trashed all inside. I'm wanting to keep my truck original, so I'm hoping I can find another engine. I'm in Colorado, but can...
  7. SgtMajHarper

    Sweet dreams

  8. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    I'm liking it! For my $.02 Yankee dollars' worth, in the artillery we named our howitzers, the name was picked by the gun section chief, approved by the battery Gunny and IstSgt., pilots named their planes, tankers name their tanks, even Marine gun crews on the big grey ships of WW2 named their...
  9. SgtMajHarper

    Harbor Freight Purple HVLP mod

    I did have to thin it...following the instructions (not manly I know, but I wanted it right)....I think it was like 1/4 thinner to paint ratio.....guessing now. Gillespie has all the info. on their site.
  10. SgtMajHarper

    Harbor Freight Purple HVLP mod

    I would have to go dig it out of the shop to check numbers if any are even on it for sizes, but I have used a Harbor Freight paint sprayer for a few years on 5 different military vehicles, using the red oxide primer and Gillespie paints with great results. I hate Harbor Freight tools, everything...
  11. SgtMajHarper

    Test thread

    I'm getting dizzy
  12. SgtMajHarper

    New to the family.....M715! New pics and updates!

    When I was "making" my truck right I did the same things with my steering wheel (I didn't make V cuts), just filled in the gaps I had, let dry (and shrink), fill the new smaller gaps, sand and eventually paint it. After @ 6 years, it still looks good and it has a couple of cracks back in that...
  13. SgtMajHarper

    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR 2022 - VOTE HERE

    A few pics of the Goat.
  14. SgtMajHarper

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - December VOTE HERE!

    woo hoo! Thanks much everyone.....I was going to post a couple pics of it with an M-60 on the mount to help put it over the top, but my camera went on the fritz.
  15. SgtMajHarper

    Trailer Recommendation

    Just another thought on the M416 trailer, on mine I put civilian wheels and matching tires as I have on my civilian Jeeps. I like being able to use 1 spare for either vehicle. I have the trailer painted to match, the tongue stays level, same track width.....can't beat it. The bigger trailers...
  16. SgtMajHarper

    Trailer Recommendation

    Agreed on the M416 trailer as a first choice (I have used 2 of them with my CJ5's and CJ8 Scrambler just fine), they are getting harder to find a decent one for a good price, another option is an M116 trailer. Maybe easier to find. A guy in SE Colo. where I got mine has @ 40 of them sitting on...
  17. SgtMajHarper

    New Gama Goat Owner. Help! How do I connect the cargo section???

    I don't have a truss kit, but I highly recommend getting and carrying a spare with you. If one spare is good, I think 2 is more good. (Just saying as a guy who had a flat once)
  18. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    We had inter We had internal comm. on our M107 and M110 self-propelled howitzers, it usually didn't work. The section chief would usually ride on the forward hull near the driver to give him instructions. When we got M109 SP's, the comm. worked "sometimes" but the section chief rode up high on...
  19. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    Don't completely ignore Mad Maxx, a flamethrower is a great accessory item......a bazooka is also a nice touch.
  20. SgtMajHarper

    U.S.M.C gun trucks?

    Oh yeah! It's a good thing we aren't neighbors, I'd be over with a folding chair, coffee and a cigar making a pest out of myself. I like that idea of armor up towards the front end using the stake pockets. I was thinking if you made it "modular" somehow, you could switch back and forth as...
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