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    Humvee transportation

    Hello everyone I’m going to throw this out there in case someone might be looking. I am currently furloughed from my job. If you are looking to get your humvee to another part of the country, I will drive it for $100 a day ,10 hours a day, plus expenses hotel, food, fuel and return air fare...
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    Towing from rear

    Im going to take your advice and do it that way. Thanks!! Never thought about the sway
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    Towing from rear

    I have a heavy duty tow dolly, is there any reason that I can’t back my blazer on it and tow the vehicle with the front wheels on ground. I’m lazy and don’t want to disconnect the rear drive shaft.
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    Tow BAR M1009

    Happy 4th of July weekend. Does anyone have a make and model number of a tow bar that would hook directly to the lift points (minus the d rings) on a M1009, if one even exists. The military one is to big , heavy and expensive. Thanks Chuck
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    Fuel issue??

    Not sure what I have going on. Motor was just put in truck. New injector pump. Has run great for over 2000 miles. Ran 69 miles to day. Parked for a couple of hours and it started funny but started. Driving down the road it surged a couple of times. Stopped at a restaurant it stalked like it...
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    Myrtle Beach to Miami

    Greetings everyone I forgot to post this on Thursday. I just did a 750 mile trip in my M1009 from Miami to Myrtle Beach. While here did a road trip to Lumberton NC to look at aHumvee. Heading back tomorrow. Just put a new motor in it a week before the trip. I got 21.98 mpg never went over...
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    Alternator issue

    I check the fuse and it was burnt replaced it nothing changed. Going to pull dash apart on Saturday and replace bulb. Any way to buy pass some of the wiring to get the alts to charge batteries
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    Alternator issue

    The light is not going on, how I missed that who knows. I must have a keen sense of the obvious. LOL What is next that I should look at. I really appreciate your help! Chuck
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    Alternator issue

    Got it working thanks. Can you think of any reason I cant get the alt to charge? I've pulled it 3 times and it bench tests fine. The batteries are new. I am not getting any voltage to the batteries. The gen light in truck is not lighting so I assume its sensing a good alt. Any ideas
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    Alternator issue

    Thanks for the reply. Nothing at the wiring harness is changed except the resisters on the fire wall were taken out and a jumper wire was put in. the batteries connections changed to make them put out 12 volts hooked in series I think. Nothing else changed. The belt on the drives side and...
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    Alternator issue

    Greetings everyone I am having a charging issues with my blazer. I just replaced the motor and am having issues with the alternator charging. The truck years ago was converted to the rosecommon modification, never had an issue charging. At first I thought a bad alt as I was not getting 14...
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    I have been looking at the growlers. I see some of the ones purchased have been released to the buyers. Does any one know if you are getting a clean SF-97 so you can register for road. I dont see a problem as they are just M151 with modifications. Thanks Chuck
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    Smoke at temps below 195 degrees

    My blazer smokes on passenger side when the truck is below 195 degrees, every once in a while I get an odor of diesel, no diesel smell at exhaust. It has new lift pump, glow plugs and injectors. Other than smoke the motor runs as it's supposed to, no issues starting, cold idle perfect, gets a...
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    Making the drive from Los Angeles to Anchorage, Any suggestions on stuff to bring?

    My truck is a daily driver but has done many cross country trip. I carry a spare of just about everything including starter and alts. I see you replaced you oil lines, I would suggest bringing a spare set with you. I replaced mine drove to mexico a 9 hour drive and one of the new ones blew...
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    Smoke passenger side

    I have smoke blueish/white coming out of the passenger side exhaust. When I start the truck it starts right up half crank, after starting it runs ruff almost like a gas motor with one of the plug wires disconnected. It lacks power at this point. I have installed a temp gauge. When the temp...
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    CUCV Cooling System Upgrade Kit

    Hopping you get this figured out I will buy one ASAP. I have the same issue as sschaefer3 going up long hot inclines gets the temp to 210+
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    It's back

    Hey everybody my 09 is finally back on road!! 4 years of sitting a new motor, 31000 miles on it believe it was a pull out from a hummer. I had some gauges put in, volt, oil, and temp, it is a daily driver that I tow my boat with so I wanted to see what is going on when driving. New seats...
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    New Jersey to Las Vegas

    Well guys due to circumstances beyond my control I had to cancel the trip, I was so looking forward to it. Blazer should be on its way by transport on Monday.
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    New Jersey to Las Vegas

    Well its been a long year since I have been back in country. My 1009 is finally finished with a motor replacement, good mechanic turned meth head. Any way its done by another mechanic new motor, trans overhauled while out, all bearings , new belts, oil pressure temp gauge, new belts hoses, all...
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    NP208 emergency rear cover?

    I had my rear shaft break once and had to drive over a hundred miles with out it. I used a coors light can and duct tape. I saw that in off road magazine years ago. coors light because its a little thinner then most beer cans. If Americans were not such pigs, throwing trash out car...
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