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  1. dmetalmiki

    New Gama Goat Owner. Help! How do I connect the cargo section???

    TM-9-2320-242-20 chapter xx. Paragraph. 2-141, 2-146, page 2-199. An 'Enjoyable' day's work, max. Repot when completed.
  2. dmetalmiki

    BRDM-2 street legal.

    Daily driver? No, too much difficulty with the steering and view. That V8 engine is VERY greedy on fuel. Unless you are FULLY aufai with the maintanance proceedures, the vehicle WILL (literally)..'destroy itself!.
  3. dmetalmiki

    How Much Diff Oil is Enough?

    Now THAT brought a (Much needed now'days)..Giggle.. :deadhorse:
  4. dmetalmiki

    Huge task undertaken

    Thank yuz'e all for the advice's... O'wever...OCD is..forever..(No bad thing..?). So I DID take it easy today....Could not get the M35A2 in the shop because the OT 65 was in the way,....Flat batteries..Oh well..CLIMB up and in..neutral..Hand brake off..Climb out and down.. Lift the back end...
  5. dmetalmiki

    Huge task undertaken

    I had an eye operation, They changed the lens in my left eye. Fantastic vision there now, " Do NOT do any strenuous work".. Do NOT drive for two weeks...etc etc.. Then the O.C.D. Kicks in..Annnddd.... Last week I had (BAD!) fall from the top of the OT 65 G 'Fug'..( Is there a good fall??), Of...
  6. dmetalmiki

    Can't get the engine to idle

    1/3 stroke is NEVER going let your truck run below 1500 R.P.M. ( IF, That is in fact the problem ). And it usually is....Or could be.
  7. dmetalmiki

    Thank you

    Hmmmm, Weil, There is always the "Steel Soldier of the Month Award".......?
  8. dmetalmiki

    Girlfriend in the next town

    Good luck and carry out the 'good' work on your truck. To this day I STILL rim paint and 'decorate' my Collection.
  9. dmetalmiki

    Girlfriend in the next town

    OOOOH..Errrr.. OO..K.. (So), What you can and can't do....Humph!.. then picture this in y'er 'bonce. Recovery scammell, and 30 ton tasker trailer........Desert Cammo.......oooo..k. so far? A Bored BUT proud Barely 18 years old squaddie...Mebb'e wi' juss' a 'touch' (?) a' O.C.D.!. Then, A day...
  10. dmetalmiki

    M35a2 Deuce NO START

    GET IT ... T O W E D!!..(Ar'fter you put 'humpty' together again of course)...
  11. dmetalmiki

    Flip a switch to use gas?

    M62 wreckers have a fuel tank switch....only for transfer though..depends what's transferred...others have dual tanks..'and,'
  12. dmetalmiki

    the multi-fuel engine on a Deuce

    NOT a good idea running on petrol!. (strictly emergency only..(WITH some oil added)). Petrol is more 'explosive'...And the popping sound is pre-ignition, Or 'pinking' as was known in the old days of low grade fuel. Hi octane fuel has 'Bang restraint' if you like. Low octane does not, So...
  13. dmetalmiki

    M35a2 Deuce NO START

    If the injectors ARE squirting..You know what, If that was me..I would tow that truck to 2000 rpm and see what 1/2 pene'th
  14. dmetalmiki

    Sad Day for Me (Last Truck Sold)

    Hmmm..Yuz'e a baby yet!...another BIG sighhhhhhh
  15. dmetalmiki

    Sad Day for Me (Last Truck Sold)

    I can't click 'like'..Co's I don't like to see a 'companion' lose a truck..Sighhhh
  16. dmetalmiki

    Huge task undertaken

    A huge thank you to the two young helpers who fit an electric bypass pump to the Filter pre prime hand pump of which the glass bowl.......I.....Dropped into the bowels of the engine never to be seen (or retrieved!) again. (Go honest(..Well ok..The SECOND!! one I lost..) Bad hands and...
  17. dmetalmiki

    Huge task undertaken

    Ho HO!..but you must be thinking of tiny gpw11...? I will 'roust' him tomorrow when he comes to the shop.. to help tiny gpw111..complete the fix on the Fug.
  18. dmetalmiki

    Huge task undertaken

    Thank you...I am at a stage actually....where...(Like Today)...My knees and spine hurt so much the kid 'politely' (tiny gpw111)....>chauffeured me< 'away' from the fug..and organized the tools and an electric bypass pump to fit tomorrow... He wants to post a write up of that event.. when he has...
  19. dmetalmiki

    Electrical Issues - 24 Volt, 1955 M38A1

    The battery you have charged the incorrect way MUST now have the negative terminal sprayed RED and the the POSITIVE terminal BLUE. Batteries charged back the 'Wrong way in polarity' Are (Usually!) fully usable and serviceable, ( ONCE! )MARKED CLEARLY of course!. (Flattening the battery again...
  20. dmetalmiki

    Electrical Issues - 24 Volt, 1955 M38A1

    WOOOAHH, Do not re connect batteries at all untill, A). You have checked the correct polarity of the batteries. B). You take off the loaf of bread cover and check if the contact points are welded together. When, ALL the points are free and OPEN, ****Correctly Connect ONE 12 Volt battery ( To _...
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