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  1. maa45069

    Haspin 2023

    Not really but I bet if you post stuff your looking for one of the guys may have something.
  2. maa45069

    2023 Findlay Ohio Armed Forces Day - May 18-21

    Anyone else have any complete or parts for a multifuel heater? Uh68g1
  3. maa45069

    Haspin 2023

    I'll be there not sure what days
  4. maa45069

    Hunter uh-68 multifuel heater

    Any help would be appreciated
  5. maa45069

    Hunter uh-68 multifuel heater

    Got a couple of these units recently from GP and after getting them delivered I realize they don't have power cords or more importantly control units. Anyone have any insight on running the units without a control unit? Or anyone have any control units they want to sell?
  6. maa45069

    Hunter heating unit Chambersburg, PA - Lindenwald, OH

    Length5 ft 4 in B. Width3 ft 8 in C. Height3 ft 4 in Weight625 lbs
  7. maa45069

    International 4300 ambulance Virginia Beach to Cincinnati

    Should run to load up. 26ft x8ft and 9ft 10 tall
  8. maa45069

    30x8ft equipment trailer city of burnside ky to cincinnati oh

    Lights and brakes not operable
  9. maa45069

    Anyone from NE Ohio?

    Well I guess I have a smaller deuce? Haha I have taken my deuce down a lot of the trails there at Haspin. My only limitation was lack of power steering and the willingness to get an arm workout. Haspin is always changing in its trails.
  10. maa45069

    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    Count me in for 1 complete set for 98 1078A0 truck would you message me where to send a check? And how much please.
  11. maa45069

    AcuTemp Refrigerator

    Btw you can buy cheap batteries on Amazon
  12. maa45069

    Findlay Ohio 2022 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May19-22

    I may have a couple if gimpy is able to take 1 with him. Mine are tan
  13. maa45069

    AcuTemp Refrigerator

    It will power up without batteries may take a couple minutes to start up.
  14. maa45069

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    It is but a hidden property. Nobody can see it from any road. Doesn't change the issue tho.thank you for all of you taking the time to walk me through and counseling.
  15. maa45069

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    Haha thank you for the laugh. It is not in a hoa. It is my brother in laws house he has a couple acres and he let's me park a few things there and I help him with projects around the house.
  16. maa45069

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    Haha its 2022 our freedoms are slowly fading... I guess my biggest question is can they really legally limit me to 3/4ton vehicles? And can they say no military vehicles to return to the property?
  17. maa45069

    Local zoning is targeting my trucks

    I have a m35a2,m998, and now mw24c on couple acres in Fairfield, OH. When I had the mw24 delivered 10 days ago the neighbor threw a fit and reported me to the city of Fairfield. This is what I received last night.
  18. maa45069


    I messaged the transport guy and he said he would be willing to do this. Thank you so much!
  19. maa45069


    I did listen to your advice and hired one.. but he doesn't think we can pull it off his trailer with just a duece or m1078
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