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  1. jkcondrey

    Rear Wheels making binding noise when turning.

    Have you drained the rear diff by chance and checked the fluid? If your sure the transfer case is in high, and it doesn’t look like alignment is bad, you could have issue in the differential. Fluid can tell you a lot real quick.
  2. jkcondrey

    1994 M1123 won’t start. Please help!

    Do you have fuel coming up? While cranking open the fuel filter drain located on the driver fender well. It should flow pretty good with a working pump. Follow the fuel hose leaving the bottom of the filter to its terminus. Should have a little elbow valve on it.
  3. jkcondrey

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Put some new kicks on today. Mtr’s dated this decade!!
  4. jkcondrey

    NEW smart start problem

    Sounds like the solenoid is sticking on the starter.
  5. jkcondrey

    DENTON NC Buy/Sell Thread 2022

    I have an 1152 parts truck with many items available on it. Can’t guarantee I can get everything off in time but I can do so before and after Denton. I do have a booster for an REV truck I got by mistake. NOS, orange studs on master cylinder side. 200$ obo. 998 front drive shaft, NoS, but front...
  6. jkcondrey

    Hydro-boost bleed ?

    I wouldn’t know it had a defect from looking at it. For all I know the loss of brakes could’ve been that part of the booster. But sounds like Steve and Action pointed the right direction. Thanks all
  7. jkcondrey

    Hydro-boost bleed ?

    Hmm. I hadn’t heard that. I’ll double check that. I do have a spare parts truck but the booster would be bad for sure, sat out in weather for who knows how long.
  8. jkcondrey

    Hydro-boost bleed ?

    I got around to swapping the hydro booster. Got a nos part. The pushrod on the master cylinder side is quite long, compared to the old unit over an inch more extension outward. I went ahead and installed and the brakes are locked up. Booster #’s said to match on rosy, but either it’s wrong part...
  9. jkcondrey

    Shifter gasket rubber

    You can do all kinds of stuff with old bicycle tubes. Chain covers, shifter rubber wipes, life preservers lol.
  10. jkcondrey

    Best way to remove rust from 24 bolts wheel?

    Just for giggles, look inside your frame rails when you get a chance.
  11. jkcondrey

    Hydro-boost bleed ?

    Had the hydro-booster go out on the 1152. When replacing, TM -2 , 7-14, makes no mention of bleeding the unit. Is there a process someplace I am missing or it tied directly to the power steering bleed procedure? Thanks
  12. jkcondrey

    Changes to NC Titling/Registration Laws

    I will also add, when it came time to inspect, I just made sure it had all the lights a normal car had, horn worked and signals. A tag light can be done for under $20 (if not lower) off amazon and tapping into wiring loom. Backup lights pretty cheap too. Several instructionals on here about that.
  13. jkcondrey

    Changes to NC Titling/Registration Laws

    As usual, it all depended on who you had to deal with to get them done. Gear-report(Jeff) and I among others spent plenty of time dealing with the dmv over their reasoning for how they were to be dealt with. The long story short was it was originally setup to require a dealer to sell you the...
  14. jkcondrey

    Any downside to using a deep water CDR valve vs regular CDR?

    Yes. That is its function basically. The sensor cup on the frame catches air like a cup upside down pushed into a pool. That air provides the pressure to repel the water intrusion.
  15. jkcondrey

    Any downside to using a deep water CDR valve vs regular CDR?

    If you want full function of the fording kit, you need the correct cdr, the valve for the dash and the sensor cup for the front frame mount. All the kit does is put air pressure into various parts of the system to build enough pressure to help prevent water from getting into them.
  16. jkcondrey

    I'm not sure if govplanet is serious or not

    They should just relist it "1 fording exhaust pipe". Thats about all that usable lol.
  17. jkcondrey

    Looking for old thread on home made ratcheting tire carrier

    I will be making one soon, just ordered the hinge set and bought the ratchet at TS last night. Just gotta head to greenville for some steel.
  18. jkcondrey

    My truck got a small part in a movie..

    I know a fella here in NC, that is what he does part time, rents trucks to movie and tv producers. When covid was really bad, he sold all his trucks due to no need for them. Then it started picking back up and he bought one of mine to use as rental again. He had a few that were "blown up" as...
  19. jkcondrey

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Well I took the 1152 and picked up a load of firewood and 5 gallons gas for the generator, should the winter storm hit this weekend. Topped off the diesel too. My employees will love riding the troop seats to work lol.
  20. jkcondrey

    which tire you would prefer

    Stock wheels limit tire choices for sure. If you change wheels, you can open up too many more choices. The Bajas and MT's seem pretty good all around to me. MTR's have a better offroad bite than the other two in my opinion. But should you choose an aftermarket wheel like black rhino or a dodge...
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