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    My first MEP generator (MEP-802a), oil pressure gauge not working

    Its the round item hanging down from the T fitting near the dead crank switch. Number 7
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    MA MEP-802A, MEP-803A AC Voltage Regulators

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    MA MEP-831A Battery Charger Repair & Charger Repair Kits

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    MA MEP-802A, MEP-803A S14 "Relay" 5930-01-396-2940, 88-21091

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    MEP-831a GOVERNOR CONTROL assembly

    Have you pressed the TEST button on the Fault Monitor to test all the lamps in the Fault Monitor. If the LED inside K12 is illuminated but the Fault monitor doesn't have lamps illuminated it could mean there is a failure inside the Fault Monitor itself. They do fail. I've repairs a few of...
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    I'm an idiot!!! - Fermont MEP-802A 5kW

    As a general rule an AC fuse can be used in a DC application as long as the DC voltage is < 50% of the AC voltage rating of the fuse. The one spec'd out in the TM is O.K. to use up to 60 volts DC.
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    I'm an idiot!!! - Fermont MEP-802A 5kW

    AC and DC current are different animals when it comes to fuses and breakers. Breaking AC current requires different characteristics in breakers and fuses than DC. That why you may see a fuse rated for different AC and DC voltages.
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    MEP-802A Popping CB1 as Soon as the Unit is Switched to Pump/Prime

    You might want to try wiring a 24 volt light bulb in place of CB1. If the bulb is illuminated you still have a short. You can then disconnect various wires in the 24 V power wiring until the bulb goes dark. That way you'll see when you've found the path with the short and not go thru a bucket...
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    I'm an idiot!!! - Fermont MEP-802A 5kW

    No they won't. Those are the wrong physical size. You'll need a fuse 1/4" x 1 1/4"
  10. K

    I'm an idiot!!! - Fermont MEP-802A 5kW

    And a whopping 1 in stock
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    Special TQG items are getting pricey!

    Those in the ebay listing are only rated at 10 amps. The MEP requires one rated for 30 amps.
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