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  1. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    Its not that simple for some of us who live in the good parts of the state and have our livelihoods and family here to "just move out of the state". I don't disagree with you as I'm sure there are much "less blue states" states. To make that statement is not a realistic solution. On the other...
  2. F18hornetM

    New guy from MD

    Welcome from other side of the Bay as well.
  3. F18hornetM

    2001 M1088A1 Burnt up!! My After Fire Repairs

    Wow. thank the lord wasn't worse or been in a different building with more flammable material / equipment etc.
  4. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    That's sounds like [preliminary] good news. I only use my trucks for shows and parades so I'm good with historic tags. I'm glad that others who may use them for commercial reasons will be able to get inspected.
  5. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    Just to clarify, Actually the letter to the inspection stations [Md] is referring to MVs that need inspecting. Any vehicle [truck] over 10,000lbs that is over 25 years old can be tagged as historic. For parades and show use only. They do not require inspection. As far as meeting emissions, no...
  6. F18hornetM

    M-543 "The Ugly Duckling"

    Great looking truck. Came along way from when you brought it home. Its fun to use them doing something useful. Mine has direct drive transmission but the OD transmission data plate. What year is yours? Mine is a 1967
  7. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    You are correct about Maryland. Most don't know history well enough. Little bit of history>> Although it was a slave holding state, [Annapolis was 3rd largest slave trading city in the country] Maryland did not secede. Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line and would have voted to secede if...
  8. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I agree, Over my life time laws have became more and more restrictive related to everything. That goes for all states , just some a little slower about changes than others. Looks to me that the base issue is, Maryland will not inspect military vehicles. If you have military vehicle over...
  9. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    Amen on the whole Yankee thing. This is not about not about that. That remark doesn't do anything to help remedy the issue and is actually not a completely accurate comment. . The state of Maryland is not with out issues, mostly due to a fairly large city. [and DC] However, many if us that are...
  10. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I agree with you about leaving is not an option, so really an easy way to answer the problem if you have nothing invested here. Maryland is great state for a lot of reasons. Everyone hears Maryland and assumes its Baltimore. The Eastern shore [separated by the Chesapeake bay from the rest of...
  11. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    Maryland tagged my M813, M543A2 and M931 under gross vehicle weight as N/A. I've had CDLs since there were CDLs, but the truck is non -commercial and tagged historic and 2 are tagged antique.
  12. F18hornetM

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I really don't have a reply. Just completely disgusted. I really wish [3] counties in this state didn't run the whole darn state. Ok, what about all the hot rods and antique vehicles? None of them meet federal emission standards but did at the time they were new. Also, In Maryland a truck over...
  13. F18hornetM

    M543A2 Wrecker Boom Maintenence Question

    Wow that's the first hydraulic cylinder I've heard of with an end gland seal or packing like a boat shaft. Except this is under way more psi than a boat shaft. Very interesting. like I said wouldn't put it past using something I haven't seen. I'm sure the nut inside the cylinder, or barrel is...
  14. F18hornetM

    M543A2 Wrecker Boom Maintenence Question

    I have a M543A2 but unfortunately I'm away on vacation. However, I've done hydraulic work for 30+ years. All end glands have to be removed over the rod. Either over the rod end if its a threaded end or if its a welded rod end, the whole rod must come out of the barrel and piston removed and the...
  15. F18hornetM

    Just a bit excited

    Welcome to the site from another 55 year old Marine. We had M35s, M813s for the most part when I was in. The very last year we borrowed a couple new M923s. They were awesome. I never saw a Humvee. Fast forward 30 years and I now have 6 different military vehicles. As a reference to what your...
  16. F18hornetM

    New to me - MEP-003A

    I agree with you its ingrained in us mechanics. Although a turbo does have tremendous heat in it. I've worked on a mess of other commercial generators [and diesel trucks/equip]and like you said they start at load rated RPM which kills me, however they have block heaters that stayed plugged in...
  17. F18hornetM

    New to me - MEP-003A

    This is interesting, Although I don't really let anything idle for extended periods of time, hot diesels will cool down at idle. I even looked in TM and best I can see, it says nothing about slowing the unit down before shutting off. It just says shut breaker off and turn switch off. Not to hi...
  18. F18hornetM

    Another new guy from Maryland

    There seems to be quit a few from Maryland on here but It seems all are from the western side of the Chesapeake Bay. I do know some guys over your way have get togethers. Which if I was closer would be fun.
  19. F18hornetM

    Shipping a Deuce

    Ive had 3 trucks hauled to just out side Ocean City Md, M813 from Ft Meade and a M931 from Aberdeen and a M543 from Up state New Jersey almost New York. All at $100 an hour. Most expensive one was the M543 at $1000. All ran Just didn't feel good about driving that far. I've went over them all...
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