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  1. TacticalTruck

    M809 M54 M35 Cab Roll Cage, Roll Bar

    I put a cage in a M925.
  2. TacticalTruck

    Is there a consensus of which insulation for cab ceilings is best bang for the buck?

    I'm using this over killmat. No one sells green:
  3. TacticalTruck

    How many HMMWVs are still in the pipeline to be auctioned?

    The de-mil reg has been changed. Opening up many more Army ones to be sold rather than scrapped.
  4. TacticalTruck

    Anyone know where to get the interior Foam insulation padding for Frankencabs?

    Looks like they don't have green anymore. I've checked several places. Anyone have a fresh source?
  5. TacticalTruck

    My latest Air Force M35A2

    That thing is sweet
  6. TacticalTruck

    What have you done to your 10 ton this week?

    One thing this Corona crap has done is give me time to pull my trucks out one at a time and service them. The old Le-Roi runs great. I was using the Condec to pull stuff out and I was reminded I need a front driveshaft for that truck.
  7. TacticalTruck

    What have you done to your 10 ton this week?

    Slowly rusting away like all my other junk!
  8. TacticalTruck

    What have you done to your 10 ton this week?

    Oh no, not the 903 vs 300 argument again. They had/have the 785ci Cummins 300. I've never seen one w/ an ENDT. Are you sure it wasn't a 5 ton?
  9. TacticalTruck

    2009 Lmtv M1078A1 Charging System

    I came across this old thread. I just got a M1088A1 with these symptoms and unhooking the CTIS worked! So I guess I might have a bad CTIS harness.
  10. TacticalTruck

    A neglected v 100

    If you are not concerned about going original, I converted mine to Chrysler electronic. Runs much better.
  11. TacticalTruck

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Yes, I'm around, just haven't been here much though I've been doing more truck stuff lately.
  12. TacticalTruck

    Members in Northern Virginia?

    I can do it. I'm about an hour west of you. Jeff
  13. TacticalTruck

    Thoughts on the onslaught of State Laws that Pull us of the road

    Ever since HMMWVs started coming out again and people were getting all sorts of red flags thrown for trying to get around "off road use only" things have been steadily getting worse.
  14. TacticalTruck

    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I happened to drive by the accident scene today and just realized who it was. Terrible news. He came by my place years ago and was a wealth of knowledge. Rest in Peace Ron.
  15. TacticalTruck

    SS Member Near Front Royal, VA for Vehicle Inspection?

    I'm not far from there and there's a Land Rover importer here in town.
  16. TacticalTruck

    m998 Warn 12k Winch mounts and frame bracket questions

    I just installed a Rubberduck brand and civilian M12000 on a customers truck. Good product though we did have to tweak some stuff to make the civilian winch work.
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