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  1. 2INSANE

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    That sucks you could not get a flowkooler water pump. I remember last winter when I was building 6 motors, flowkooler said they only had 2 left in stock. With this crappy economy from COVID, it does not surprise me that they are short handed with the manufacturing. The other alternative could...
  2. 2INSANE

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    Then the icing on the cake would be a rare dampened V-Belt Crank Pulley to make that motor run as smooth as my wife’s homemade whipped cream.
  3. 2INSANE

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    For a few dollars more, you could easily upgrade to a higher flow Flowkooler water pump. Just give them a call and tell them what you need. Here’s a good write up on replacing the timing cover, water pump etc I did not long ago. Starts on page 5 close to the...
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