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  1. cucvrus

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    NO. AC Delco is a market name. Many things sold by A C Delco are produced in China. I like that the emphasize Main Land China. Not some little fish head village along the Delta. But as far as I am concerned and I have worked on many I have never changed a harmonic balancer and I have friends...
  2. cucvrus

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    What about 1987. I have the odd ball M1028 that is a 1987. It is in a time capsule. It seems to have stopped rusting and just keeps taking a licking and keeps on ticking. This is light work in comparison to the jobs I have accomplished with it. Getting back on subject. Changing the water pump...
  3. cucvrus

    86 M1009 Water Pump

    The upper timing cover has to come off anyway. the water pump is bolted in from behind. But I would replace the water manifold crossover gaskets and the rear head cover gaskets along with all the hoses. I did find that the Generator 2 bracket may need a little grinding to get to fit some of the...
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