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  1. jimk

    how to turn up pictures?

    Looks like this never got answered. My non-turbo (LD465) was weak and a smoker. I added the D turbo and it got very strong with high EGT, over 15psi. I turned the fuel down a couple times, 2-1/2 turns total, now makes 13psi at 2500rpm w/safe egt. It is still very strong. Much less smoke too. The...
  2. jimk

    how to turn up pictures?

    That might be the LDS 465-1 troubleshooting manual which states 18-20Hg art 2400RPM (~9-10ps) and 8-10" Hg at 1600RPM(~4-5psi). See page 34. It would seem that another 200RPM (2600rpm) would create about 12psi. I found that if my LD w/D turbo set at this level will create excessive EGTs...
  3. jimk

    how to turn up pictures?

    Screw and the 2 nuts are under this cover. I did one not long ago. Moved it a turn and nothing much happened. Advised that a pyrometer was important but was overuled by the owner. Turned it a second turn and not much happened. Turned it all the way and got lots of power and smoke. Pushed again...
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