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  1. Westech

    how to turn up pictures?

    Turning up the fues has NOTHING to do with The RPM the governor is set at. It just Ups the HP of the engine not on what the RPM the engine operates at
  2. Westech

    how to turn up pictures?

    your doing the same thing with the washers.... adjusting the fuel rates..... Turning the adjuster is ezer and does not require you to remove anything or open up the pump housing.
  3. Westech

    how to turn up pictures?

    most of the time you can go 2 flats no problem (1/3 of a turn) any more then that OR if your truck is set a little high form the Military of who could be too much off that bat. DH is correct you need to know what you are doing and have a pyro. If you turn up the fuel you really should...
  4. Westech

    how to turn up pictures?

    Just a hint sense I consider my self the King of pumping up a deuce engine...... The adjuster rod faces the radiator and might be covered with a tin cover and 3 bolts with safety wire. ONLY brake the jam nut loose (a thin 1/2 in wrench will HELP!!) and turn the inner nut. DO NOT ROTATE THE SHAFT...
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