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  1. yagenrok636

    how to turn up pictures?

    I'm experiencing all of these things. Exhaust pops weird. Lots of black smoke at idle. Truck takes a long time to start on a 70 degree day. I only by-passed the FDC and didn't adjust the fuel at all. I went down 10 flats on the fuel, and it still has a really hard time starting, pops out the...
  2. yagenrok636

    how to turn up pictures?

    Sold. I'm by-passing the FDC today.
  3. yagenrok636

    how to turn up pictures?

    Well...I was going to first, but I figured it was easier. Plus, if I got some more fuel out of it and got it around 1200* I'd be done.
  4. yagenrok636

    how to turn up pictures?

    Just added my boost gauge and pyrometers to my M35A2. In 4th up a long hill, 100% throttle, couldn't quite get to 2500 rpms, gauge showed 5 pounds of boost and almost 950 degrees. So if the hill had been longer, or if I would have had any load (I don't even have a bed on right now), it'll be...
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