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  1. houdel

    how to turn up pictures?

    C turbos do not seem to give as much boost as a D. From what I have read, most people report 10-12 psi max with a C versus 12-14 with a D. Mine only puts out about 10 psi & 1200F temp, although some C owners report higher boost. A max pyro of 1200F on a long uphill climb seems to be the...
  2. houdel

    how to turn up pictures?

    EGT IS a concern even in non-turbo engines. Not necessarily true, highest egt may occur at higher rpms also EXTREMELY FALSE! High EGT is dangerous at any RPM! WRONG AGAIN! Excess fuel is the major cause of high EGT! Take a look at this article from Banks Engineering, it gives a lot of...
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