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  1. barefootin

    how to turn up pictures?

    Just because it can, doesn't mean it should..... Besides EGT's I'd be cautious of running at those RPM's.... Read any of the multiple stories on here of blocks that suddenly became ventilated. I'd refer to the TM's and make sure your govenor is set correctly if you can exceed max engine rpm...
  2. barefootin

    how to turn up pictures?

    WOW! What's your guess on EGT's leading to the melt down?
  3. barefootin

    how to turn up pictures?

    SMOKEWAGON66, I can only answer from what I've read over the years.... Hopefully an expert will chime in here. Melting time is 1300F and others have stated 1150F sustained is a caution point. This also depends on where you are tapped in for your pyro (many opinions on that topic as well)...
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