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  1. mbehne


    Would love to make it but May is a killer for us this year and 250 miles in a duece would be more than a day in all.
  2. mbehne

    New from Iowa

    Welcome from Ft. Madison IA!
  3. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    I absolutely agree with both of you,and not to argue, but any idea why his coolant pressure test isn't showing a drop? Is it just the volume of coolant not showing a pressure drop for just a qt/test? I do know in marine engines (can't coolant pressure test as they don't have a radiator) and I...
  4. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    I would think so. Just make sure you have a way to regulate the air and a way to keep the air from turning the engine over when you bring the pressure up quickly. More than 100psi probably wouldn't hurt a multi as I'm sure it builds way over 100 psi normally but it probably wouldn't make a leak...
  5. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    I don't have my tester in front of me, but I believe it puts 100psi in the cyl and you read the % leakdown from there. In this case you would be looking more for the signs of air getting into the cooling system than the % as that just indicates the mechanical condition...
  6. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    Never given that a thought! I will have to keep my eyes out for a junk one! With the that said, if it was mine p, that is how I would proceed. Once you bring the cyl to TDC, you pressurize the cyl, it should show bubbles in the cooling system if you have a problem with a head or gasket.
  7. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    If it had a leak, yes. But again it should have lost pressure when you pressure checked the cooling system. How long did you leave it, the cooling system, on pressure?
  8. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    I'm surprised it didn't leak down when you pressurized the cooling system. If it was a gas engine I would say run a leak down test(pressurize the cylinders one at a time) and look for excessive leak down or bubbles in the radiator. I have never seen any kind of adapter(would be the same to check...
  9. mbehne

    Condensation and milkshake in my trucks valve cover

    Wouldn't a quick coolant pressure check help to determine where the coolant is going? Or at the least, tell you if it holds, most likely it just burped some. With that said, I have seen plenty of gunk in engines that was just a result of not being ran hard or warm enough.
  10. mbehne

    Wanting to buy my 1st deuce have a question about mileage

    Not sure where your at in Iowa, but if your anywhere close to the south east part, your more than welcome to stop by. I'll do my best to help you with a few things to look for and what one should drive like. Mike
  11. mbehne

    Engine Wont Run After Setting Up For 2 YEARS.

    Yes, the fuel shut off lever should move freely and return (to the 7o'clock position if memory serves me) freely. Gimpy posted about the best method/explanation I have seen. I was able to free one of mine up with penetrating oil and patience instead of pulling it apart. Fix this first but it...
  12. mbehne

    Quincy Il Veterans Day parade

    Saturday, the 8th of November, 2014. Last year we were humbeled to paticipate. This year our convoy has grown from 2 to 6 strong! One of the guys will be carrying the Grand Marshall and the rest of us will be carrying Vietnam Veteran! Pics to follow. Link to an article about the event and the...
  13. mbehne

    problems with interstate batteries

    We have sold interstates for a long time and have had very few problems and even fewer warrantied batteries. We are in the marine business so our batteries also sit for long periods but we don't use 6tl's either. We do sell lots of srm27's and 29's though. Most of the ones we take out of...
  14. mbehne

    Uses for Deuces

    How many Daisey Girl Scouts does it take to fill a deuce and a half bed? Not exactly sure, but at one time the number was approaching 30 before they started spilling over to the boat. 2014 Fort Madison Rodeo Parade.
  15. mbehne

    1987 deuce recovery

    Pretty sure you can still get muratic acid, but prepaired to sign a few times to get it. We used it to clean the real nasty boat hulls/etch aluminum until the meth heads made getting ahold of large quantities a huge hassle. mike
  16. mbehne

    Taking Deuce on 1,500 mile ride. Help, thoughts, recommendations.

    My rear end is sore just from reading this thread!!! Good luck!
  17. mbehne

    Iola WI, 2014 show Buy, Sell ,Trades and Need List

    ^^^^ Same here!
  18. mbehne

    Runaway multifuel 6/20/14

    Keep your fingers crossed! I had one do this, same smoke, same intensity ect but I think soldier b reacted quickly enough to keep her below critical mass and she still lives and breathes. I'm not sure where mine was pulling air as I had soldier b standing by just in case, mushroom and air filter...
  19. mbehne

    Coca-Cola 600 2014 **Business**

    Flat out AWESOME guys!!! Sitting here in Iowa getting our place in order to host my nieces graduation party this afternoon, but I'll join you in spirit! God Bless & carry on!
  20. mbehne

    New EPA Regulations On Large Truck Emissions PDF of semi versus train versus barge capacity. Thought it was interesting.
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