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  1. Danl

    M915A1 Cargo

    I thought you wanted to haul a tank , what happen
  2. Danl

    Any thoughts for a leak?

    Rock has AM Gen parts
  3. Danl

    Any thoughts for a leak?

    Did this Thread get moved ? if it did where is it now ?
  4. Danl

    M915A1 recovers older brother M915

    Danl I stand corrected, I was unaware of the CAT tranny, But I still like My slow strong Allie
  5. Danl

    M915A1 recovers older brother M915

    Trust Me my friend these white truck will not go 85, at 64 all kinds of red light will come on in the speedo clock . If there is more speed and rpms in there , I will never Know when them red light come on I back off I like my truck and my 400 to much to wind out any more DanL
  6. Danl

    M915 low power. Looking for likely problems.

    Green Monster is right on my truck did the same thing, I feel the turbo is not big enought and it also dosen't get enought lube, you'll do well to get 60k miles out of a stock turbo set up with week lube , I say this if you keep your RPMs at or around 2000. Yup keep your foot in it
  7. Danl

    is this a mack?

    what you have here is an old army truck
  8. Danl

    New Sea Bee from MA.

    Are you looking for a fully restored jeep or one for you to build ?
  9. Danl

    5 Tons and snow

    Nice Rig
  10. Danl

    5 Tons and snow

    I'm from Maine to, The driveing on plowed roads,or ice roads, you will be fine with this truck,watch out for the snowmobilers on the ice roads, them crazy guys on a sled is to foolish, to use a break, watch out for them, If you get ballzee and take it off road you will need a skidder to pull you...
  11. Danl

    New truck and a stuck brake! M923

    Don't for get to grease the fitting, when was the last time the system saw Grease?
  12. Danl

    New truck and a stuck brake! M923

    I would Change the break can or rebuild it , the rubber dieofram is leaking by, a new can is cheap money,and quick to install. Than, take and rebuild the old can and you will always have a spear can on hand
  13. Danl

    M915a1 marker light wire colors coming from headlight switch???

    check the push button on the dash the morse coad button , you push this buton and the marker light will go out you let it go and the lights will come on, you know dot dot dash this boton is hooked to the markers light . So check the back side of this buton and i think that you will find the wire...
  14. Danl

    M923 No low beams

    I had no high Beam on my 915, after much checking and testing , The bad thing was in the black out switch for some reason the black out switch was shutting off the high beam power, relacated power lead and all is working well, if this truck is new to you, you might fine that some one in the...
  15. Danl

    Ether start system...... Refill Process?

    Hey there is a member in classerfide that has some NICE blocks heaters for sale you guys in the cold north should look into a block heater , they realy work good I know I live in maine and deal with the cold all winter long And I like a block heater You have heat in the cab right away on light...
  16. Danl

    Ether start system...... Refill Process?

    these old diesel are heater start, I put additive in my fuel to help light off, the new Diesel have glow plugs that messes with the smelling salt, and thay have computer chips that recirk the stack, so the unburnt salt comes back to the stroke and you add more salt to it and your motor vapors...
  17. Danl

    M915a1 voltage question

    My 915 runs the same way , I've been working a night sift 6 pm to 6am on a gas pipe jobfor 6 weeks now and the last four weeks or so I've been running the heater . I did fear a shortage of battery power , but all is working fine. I do shut off the heater a few miles befor i get home in the...
  18. Danl

    Searching/Shopping Vendors?

    Why is there no place on this site ,to shop a vender Vender pay cash to be here, we should be able to go to a place to get contact info on a vender,
  19. Danl

    Upgrade complete

    DanL I'm working with it, I found my contacts in privert Message I don't know about Pictures Yet, The classifieds isnot showing pictures untill you click on the add, ??
  20. Danl

    Upgrade complete

    danl O Boy Jest got things working like Pic What happen to my contacts, this is going to take time to lean, This old dog has a hard time leaning new tricks, Thanks a bunch, were to startaua
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