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  1. bc35339

    HELP m35a2 problems

    I just got this truck and it starts (with jump) and runs great the speed and rpm gauge works but nothing else works , no light inside or out and no other gauges work. Who else has had this problem and where should I start. Fuse or bad swicth or bad connection? what would cause all of this to...
  2. bc35339

    Looking for a 6x6

    I have a turbo winch truck with heat and new cargo cover for sale . I also have a 105 trailer in great cond with new cargo cover and new tires that Id sale . If your interest in coming to louisville ky and driving this home email me and Ill send you pictures. I have the truck for sale for $3,900...
  3. bc35339

    Anyone going to pick- up a '09 at Ft. Knox, KY.? I am! 5-6-10

    I viewed the 1009"s yesterday and alot of them was rusty under the doors or in the floor boards. There was a couple that wasnt. I may be going there again in the next 5-8 days If I see your truck Ill let ya know how it looks. From what I remember there was a couple green one that was in good...
  4. bc35339

    mep 002a ?'s

    I did some trouble shooting yesterday and think ive found my problem. The preheat selector on the master switch is not working. so i jumpered off the fuse to the 15 wire on the master and it fliped the relay and sent power to the heating/glow plugs. I think I might use a tractor started button...
  5. bc35339

    Anyone know what this is?

    Rocket launcher holder!lol
  6. bc35339

    MEP-002A and MEP-003A glow plug and heater part numbers

    Thanks guys I got it now... Is there a way to test the glow plugs before I order new ones?
  7. bc35339

    Katrina Deuce Story - MUST READ

    I sent this to a few friends. This is one of the best stories Ive ever read and has made me think twice about selling the deuce. This guy is a real hero!
  8. bc35339

    MEP-002A and MEP-003A glow plug and heater part numbers

    Is this place still in businuss???? I need some glo plugs for a mep002a and cant get sight to come up (no page found)
  9. bc35339

    mep 002a ?'s

    I checked the cassified adds and couldnt find any glow plugs for this, If you know someone with some for sale let me know. Can I go to my local auto supply stor and buy them if so what do I ask for? When you say up to speed do you mean wide open? Is it made to be ran at full throttle?
  10. bc35339

    mep 002a ?'s

    Im just got a mep002a and would like to get a coulpe ?'s answered. Genset will not start, only puffs out smoke like it is getting fuel and no spark. (if I spray it with alittle starting fluid it fires right up.) Why wont it start and what do I need to do to fix at and If needed where can I get...
  11. bc35339

    Select Vehicles on Hold GL WHAT?

  12. bc35339

    Deuce winter storage

    Dont these truck sit for loooong periods of time on base without getting started?????
  13. bc35339

    KY Recovery pickup QUESTION

    More info on the check valve please. What and where is this? Thanks
  14. bc35339

    KY Recovery pickup QUESTION

    I will be getting my Deuce soon from frankfort , its about 65 miles from home. I think the fuel pump in the tank is bad becouse It wont start unless you use starter fluid but when it starts it seems to run fine (I havent drove it but it idles fine and moves forward and backwards fine) I let it...
  15. bc35339

    won 1 winch truck in frankfort

    Sorry! YES the 15 is on THURSDAY
  16. bc35339

    won 1 winch truck in frankfort

    I spoke with Mark from G.L..He said that viewing day was thursday. oct.15 So I will be asking off for that day and if I get it and have time i can maybe check some trucks out for others just let me know your lot #. If I cant get off I would like to see if someone could check out my 2 trucks. Ill...
  17. bc35339

    Deuce L.E.D taillights

    So what will I have to do to put the l.e.d.s that I took off a truck i sold and put on my new winch truck?? The only thing i took from the truck i sold is the l.e.d taillights, I didnt take the flasher or anything just the tail lights. Im only guessing that the new truck dont have l.e.d.s on it...
  18. bc35339

    Deuce L.E.D taillights

    Are these rare? Are these expensive? I havent been aroud a lot of m35a2's but out of the 10 trucks here in my town mine is the only 1 Ive seen with l.e.d.'s. I sold that truck but i took the L.E.D's off and kept them and plan to put them on my new winch truck.
  19. bc35339

    Guess I won me a Deuce today

    Did the truck with the bad motor say didnot start? i hope that dont happen to me . Always hate to hear stories like that. How many miles it it for you?? Ive never pulled one with a towbar nor do I have one but if I come across 1 before I pick mine up I might do the same. I think the last...
  20. bc35339

    Guess I won me a Deuce today

    I plan on driving my 2 home. Only about 55-60 miles. I seen someone on here earlier say that they bought 1 by mistake and he was planning (I think he said) 900 mile trip home!!!!!! (WOW) At 7 miles a gallon thats128 gallons of fuel.
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