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  1. WhoMe08721

    M998 Differential

    Hey Guys, Are m998 differential same as a H1 differential. If not what the different
  2. WhoMe08721

    Starter Clicks But Does Not Start

    Finally got time yesterday to drop the starter. Found the problem was the starter solenoid plates were burnt. Replaced the plate and now it works great.
  3. WhoMe08721

    Best Place to Buy Brake Pad For M998

    Hey Guys, (Three Questions On Brake Pads) (1) What is the best place to get Brake Pads & Rotor for m998???? (2) Will H1 Brake Pads & Rotor fit a m998 and dose the year matter or are they all the same??? (3) If H1...
  4. WhoMe08721

    Frozen Cannon Plug On PROTECTIVE CONTROL BOX

    So I finally got the canon plug off. I cut a PVC pipe in half and place one half of the PVC pipe on both side of the canon plug. Using a small clamp to hold the PVC pipe back together and using model clay to seal the bottom. Then I filled it up with penetrate oil all day yesterday and last...
  5. WhoMe08721

    Frozen Cannon Plug On PROTECTIVE CONTROL BOX

    Thanks for the advice (Ajax MD). If it comes to cutting it off where is the best place to order a new empty canon plug????
  6. WhoMe08721

    M998 Differential Rebuild (Torsen VS ARB Air Lockers)

    Hey Guy, So my front differential is starting to leak in multiple spot. So it's time to pull the differential and rebuild them this summer. My question is when I am in the diffs is it worth the money and time to upgrade to ARB Air Lockers (ARB Air Locker - RD187 AMC 20 2.73 & Down). I know...
  7. WhoMe08721

    Frozen Cannon Plug On PROTECTIVE CONTROL BOX

    Hey Guys, Is there any trick to remove Cannon Plug on protective control box Under hood by windshield wiper fluid. My plug is corrode and frozen pretty bad. I have been spraying it down with penetrate oil for the last 2 days. I have tried channel locks and vise grip but no luck. I have also...
  8. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Assisted Power Steering Questions???

    Hey Guys, I was thinking about installing a AIR O-MATIC air assisted power steering on my truck. But wanted to know some thing before buying and install one. 1) Is the AIR O-MATIC air assisted power steering worth the money??? 2) Is the system reliable? and if the air cylinder fails...
  9. WhoMe08721

    Starter Clicks But Does Not Start

    The M998 batteries are fully charged and brand new (odyssey 6t batteries). Replaced them in August this year. The starter switch is the stock switch, I think. Never replaced it and I am the first owner of this m998. Bought it right off the base back in the day. There is 24v at the solenoid...
  10. WhoMe08721

    Starter Clicks But Does Not Start

    Hey Guys, Last year I burn out my starter by cranking the engine to long in the winter month, cause the glow plug where burn out. But this past spring I tested and replaced all the glow plugs and starter. But some times (but not always) when I go to start the engine it will only click like...
  11. WhoMe08721

    Replacing Rear Main Oil Seal On 6.5L non Turbo

    Hey Guys, My rear main oil seal on my 6.5L non turbo is starting to leak. First off has any one replaced one before and is there a write up on this subject? After doing some research in TM manuals. It looks like you have to disassemble johnny 5 to the core and pull out the crankshaft this...
  12. WhoMe08721

    M998 Squeaky Body Bushings

    Hey Guys, My M998 has squeaky body bushings. I have replaced them twice in the Humvee. But they all ways crack like they are dry rotting in a short period of time. What is the best upgrade body bushings to replace them with? Dose any one else body bushing squeak badly? Also any one have any...
  13. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Power Steering Kit Instructions (Air-O-Matic)

    Hey Guys, Any one know where I can find the Instructions for installing a (Air-O-Matic) Kit on M35a2? (Example Picture)
  14. WhoMe08721

    Deep water fording Data Plate

    Hey Guys, Can some one please, tell me what truck this Data Plate is off of and what this handle dose for the tuck??
  15. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Pack Questions???

    Also this past week I decided to relocate the air drains for the air tanks to make it easier to drain the tank and to help with moisture & corrosion. First I installed the Manual drain valve with pull cables and they did not work that great for me. After 2 days one started to leak and in the...
  16. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Pack Questions???

    Is this the 5606 aircraft hydraulic fluid you guys are talking about.
  17. WhoMe08721

    Pulse Tech Solargizer Questions

    Hey guys, Was looking into buying a Pulse Tech Solargizer for my M35A2 & M998. But had a few questions 1) Are they worth the money? 2) Are the electronics waterproof for fording deep water? 3) What the difference in military vs civilian version? 4) What model is the best to get? Finally I...
  18. WhoMe08721

    M35A2 Air Pack Questions???

    Updated on brakes. So a few weeks ago I order a new Air pack & rebuild kit. Finally got time this weekend and installed the new air pack and bleed the brakes again. Finally now the brake pedal is perfectly firm and the trucks stop on a dime. I am amaze how good the brakes are in this old truck...
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