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  1. jwaller

    Neptune OGPK kit for H1151A1

    The 50 cal only sits on top of the electrical connection point where the wiring of the turret batteries goes into the truck
  2. jwaller

    Hmmwv LED light question????

    There is a special electronic flasher that's made to go in the trucks with led's. Shop eBay and find one.
  3. jwaller

    NHC250 Spin On Adapter Parts Help

    Just put the gasket between the adapter and the block. Torque to spec. It's that easy.
  4. jwaller

    Feeler: Turbo kit for the Diesels

    Yes I do. They are still sitting on my shelf
  5. jwaller

    HMMWV acquisition and rebuild

    Looks familiar. I've seen that yard before.
  6. jwaller

    LED headlight gripe of the day

    I've had the same results. I've had 3 of them die the same way now. Sucks as I like the way they work but don't last long. I have stopped using mine all the time and just use them at night. The new A5 hemmet trucks use a new projector light. Should be better but I have no idea of the cost.
  7. jwaller

    where to get hmmwv parts?

  8. jwaller

    What is making that squeal at start-up?

    It's the high amp draw at startup with the gp's on and the battery already drawn down from gp prestart and cranking. You are asking the alt for its max output and the belts just slip. Tighten the belts.
  9. jwaller

    Military Museum Participates in Europen Soft Air Tournament

    I too regularly rent mine for use in airsoft games here in sc. It's very popular.
  10. jwaller

    Stuck on side of I-5 freeway, Need help

    What kinda truck is it
  11. jwaller

    M818 disengage front drive like 939 series.

    There is a mwo to put an air switch on the 809 trucks so that you only have air on the valve when you want it. Ron has it on his truck. It's super simple and well worth the 2hr install
  12. jwaller

    Changing one piece M923 axle boots.

    Ya 42 will be great
  13. jwaller

    Changing one piece M923 axle boots.

    I use .035. It's good enough but you could prob use bigger
  14. jwaller

    Help assembling gas struts for slant back hatch

    Are the struts extended or do they have the clamp on them? i just had to r&r mine this week and it takes a ratchet strap and a careful hand to get them compressed and back into place.
  15. jwaller

    Any good hummer mechanics south of Atlanta GA?

    Truck is over to sc and I'll fix it for ya. Better yet my pops lives in atl and can get it over here on his flatbed. I am a hmmwv owner and pretty good mechanic.
  16. jwaller

    Coca-Cola 600 2014 **Business**

    I too had a great time. Thanks for the effort Bruce and count me in if it happens again.
  17. jwaller

    Arctic bed heater

    You know you can get a pole that mounts in your receiver hitch. So you just might. Either that or the bumper dumper
  18. jwaller

    Arctic bed heater

    I sure do. It gets the majority of questions of those who see the inside of the truck
  19. jwaller

    Arctic bed heater

    No I'll never need it but I like the unusual and I want the odd stuff on my deuce. You never know what option you will see on my truck next.
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