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  1. Westech

    R.I.P. - David "MWMULES" Christenberry

    Im glad we (zig and pop, gimp and Susan, Steve, my self and Nicole made the trip to see him last week. Dave was a good friend a good soldier and sailor. I enjoyed every one of his stories. It only took me 15 years to hear a story for the second time. it was like reaching the end of the...
  2. Westech

    Findlay Ohio 2022 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May19-22

    Gimp, stretch and I went up to Detroit to get my very first deuce back. I sold it 15 years ago. that’s where We were on Friday.
  3. Westech

    Injector Fuel Return Lines

    eBay, Amazon any auto parts store. It’s nothing too special
  4. Westech

    Haspin 2022

    Haspin 2022,will be June 8-12
  5. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Nope all hand tools. I like just doing it the old fashioned way with the Jeep’s
  6. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Well I make it look good :) but I would not say well that’s n good hands lol
  7. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Got the fenders off today…. After a month of soaking with pb blaster all the bolts are coming out.
  8. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    I need the wiring plug off the turn signal, anyone have a Line on one ?
  9. Westech

    Connecting Rod Bolts and Head Studs

    So I did this about 15 years ago and ARP said you bet we will makes the bolts you want. have to order 10k of each bolt….. so…. Yes it can be done… will it? No way.
  10. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Well The engine will be coming out shortly. Full rebuild on the way
  11. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Like me yelling at people ? :)
  12. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    No super duper moderator
  13. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Yuk yuk yuk
  14. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Yeah it’s been a few years…. 2016 was the last big year. and no I was never banned for more then 24 hours. Therapy does wonders :) As for the jeep…. Body is good, all rubber shot, wiring shot, engine froze. everything is fixable.
  15. Westech

    Westech is back! M38A1

    Hi kids…. Long time sense I hae been on the site. I picked up MV mules m38a1 last week. another project in the works how do I change oil? 🤣
  16. Westech

    2017 Findlay Military Show May 19-21

    same bat time same bat channel
  17. Westech

    2016 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    I need one front shackle mount pipe/tube for a CUCV.
  18. Westech

    New Member with M211

    Yes adjust them with out that axles. It has floating axles so installing them will not change anything with brakes or bearings.
  19. Westech

    85' M1008 Pulley Question

    Post in the parts Wanted. Im am sure someone has one out there. Try Ebay and craigs list. Around here someone always has a parts truck or engine for sale.
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