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  1. Swfb

    I think these are home made....

  2. Swfb

    looking for the 2-piece seat belt

    You want a new or a used set? I have changed my originals for the 3 point set and will not use them. Only the 2 fronts and already in Europe. (the Netherlands) You can also reach out to this guy. He might be able to sell you a complete set. Or the 3point set...
  3. Swfb

    Empty Weights

    It's not a competition. Just for reference!
  4. Swfb

    Empty Weights

    I have had mine on the scales. 5577lbs Completely stock and with a full tank.
  5. Swfb

    HMMWV Side Marker Blinker System!

    Perfect solution, I will do the same!
  6. Swfb

    HMMWV Side Marker Blinker System!

    Is it also possible to have the both blinkers to blink at the same time? (One side offcourse) I would like to buy them, only in the Netherlands it is not allowed to blink like the current setup.
  7. Swfb

    Air conditioned half doors….

    Looks nice! And is it maybe possible to share a .dxf file for the outher skin? I would like to make it for my own!
  8. Swfb

    DAF-YA-126 Recovery

    I recieved your parts today and will try to ship them tomorrow! I'm not sure what time it takes to get from the Netherlands to you, it might be 1 to 2 weeks. I hope after that you can continue working on it!
  9. Swfb

    Hmmwv radiator 6.5 non turbo, best option

    Theire website mentions it fits both H1 and all humvees. Is this incorrect?
  10. Swfb

    Is it the end of the world? Latest GP auction prices.

    I'm from The Netherlands and we see a lot of them getting imported. Cars and trucks build before 1987 can have an oldtimer status. We then pay 100 dollar a year on road tax instead of +/-2400 a year. So buying one with an "old" title, will make it pay for itself. After 40jr we don't have to...
  11. Swfb

    Hmmwv radiator 6.5 non turbo, best option

    Could you share the Champion part number? And do you know if there is a difference in the NA and turbo version?
  12. Swfb

    which tire you would prefer

    They often appear for sales, here in The Netherlands. Hummer banden 37x12.5R16.5 gebruikt en nieuw! grote voorraad Op aanvraag Goodyear wrangler hummer dodge w...
  13. Swfb

    M998 Turbo Upgrade - BMI Commander™ 6500 Turbo Kit

    Is there also a picture available of how the exhaust fits through the engine compartment to the rear? I'm waiting on my m1123 and this looks like a great update
  14. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    Soooo close ! The next time I will!
  15. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    I have corrected my mistake and also replaced the shoes on the passenger side. Also readjusted both sides and the parkingbrake again as discribed in the TM. I made a couple of stops and it all looked good. See the pictures below. This morning I loaded it up and to the brake test again...
  16. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    I have just taken the drums of the Chevy. - brake shoes are correctly mounted. The shoes with the least ammount of brake surface facing forwards. - both wheel brake cylinders are the same. Both sides new. What I do see, and I have forgotten why, is that I only have replaced one side of the...
  17. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    Thank you Rick, I have just measured a spare set to fully understand your post. Enclosed some photos as a refference. (In mm) I'll open the truck later this week to check it.
  18. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    Yesterday I have tested the brakepressure on both sides of the axle. And both sides had the same pressure on the bleedingscrew. 490psi. I have added a couple of pictures to this post. - The starting point with the brake parts installed and tested 2years ago and not having any problems. And...
  19. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    I have replaced all the lines with ptfe lines. And I have got 1 rear wheel thats good and the other one keeps having problems. So I believe the line is open. Because of that 1 wheel is working
  20. Swfb

    M1028 left right brake balance

    During the anual check my m1028 did not pass the brake test. The difference in brake force, between the left and right rear wheel, is about 50%. 2 years ago I did not had this problem. And no parts had been replaced between both checks. I can't seem to find what is causing this problem so I...
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