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  1. Vfflang

    A nubbie needs help

    Congrats on your first Deuce!
  2. Vfflang

    Any events coming up in fl

    Jess and myself are pretty close to the lake county side of trail head of Richloam I wouldn't mind taking a run out there with a few trucks its been raining hard everyday and its really wet right now.
  3. Vfflang

    Oily vent pipe

    Add some picture just too be sure but before I add an extenison it was a mess now its nice and clean
  4. Vfflang

    Need Deuce Mechanic

    Is it a time issue? I just redid my head gaskets and I know very little about mechanic's but I got it done with help from TM. It took about 2 hrs to take engine down and about 3 hrs put it back together(fuild change and odds and ends). just a thought and a piece of mind you know what you got in...
  5. Vfflang

    Deuce road tractor conversion

    You should of seen it drive down the road. Pass by it today leaving the rally ...alot hard work and nice looking rig rayzer. congrats.
  6. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Ok the truck is running good brakes are fixed as well...seem like i'm a go for friday and sat
  7. Vfflang

    brake problem!

    just given him a place to look. he may have the same problem I had, brakes coming and going. might be as simple as a small leak behind the master cylinder
  8. Vfflang

    brake problem!

    Ok I lost my brake today going down the road and then they came back then went out again. I found a small leak, so small that the master cylinder always had fluid and I never noticed it till today when I went crazy pumping the brakes to try to stop. DOT 5 was all over the airpack. I figure when...
  9. Vfflang

    Attempting to Change fuel filters

    I have that same problem you a 2nd cansiter on your primary. its works just a good just go with the secondary filter numbers SECONDARY FUEL FILTER( THESE ARE THE FUEL FILTERS ON THE ENGINE THERE ARE 2 OF THESE SAME NUMBER FOR BOTH) PF902-BALDWIN 5573262-AC DELCO FF110-FLEETGAURD 3512-NAPA...
  10. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Hand are free before the 29th ... just let me know and if you see any winch mounting brackets up there let me know I need a set :)
  11. Vfflang

    June 2012 FL Richloam MV Rally Swap/Sale thread

    5 ton airpack , deuce passenger bench seat, (m35 deuce bed )< find a tree and transfer it to the new owner. Lol
  12. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Well its been rain for the last few days pretty good out here and seeing that I'm on the trail head side of lake county I'm going to head out there tomorrow and do some recon. Jess is your truck done?
  13. Vfflang

    Fuel pressure issue

    At the 2nd Filters I get 5 psi when the master switch is on / 30 at idle and / 60 when rev. Do you have the fuel turned up? <Mine was and not by me and I blew a head gasket because of the heat< just a thought don't freak Maybe your getting air into the system....or maybe water in the...
  14. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    I got it pete thank you everything truck is running great just doin little fixes here and there. Jess did you get the brakes done ?
  15. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Yeah I hit the TM and it was like pulling teeth I believe it's a Hex Screw 3/8-16 7/8 LG < If that makes any sense.
  16. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    OK got the truck running today sounds pretty only one problem missing the bolt which holds the slabber tube onto the turbo which of is an important bolt because with out it you dump oil on the ground .....I am checking the TM now for the size does any know off hand what size it is I believe its...
  17. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Yes sir that be the one he orange one paint over OD
  18. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Ugh got the truck 99% done and lost one injector spacer spent 2 hours looking I turned the barn upside down ,check the frame rails and under the truck and nothing geesss ....anyone have a spare
  19. Vfflang

    **2012 Florida Richloam MV Summer Rally**

    Ok got the engine 80% back together reseated the values ,new top end gaskets, cleaned and painted..... Picture tomorrow of course
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