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  1. Sgt Hulka

    Have Gun Will Travel went to work

    How about a full perspective photo that shows off the nose art? Thanks and nice work!
  2. Sgt Hulka

    country of origin

    Hmm. The nomenclature is definitely GM. Don't know exactly where they make their plugs. But the have factories all over the world. GM Targetmaster engines are made in Mexico.
  3. Sgt Hulka

    Cracked np 208

    The 208's a great piece. Not as absolutely stout as the 205 but lighter, cheaper and with enough low gearing to go REALLY low. Get a used one. My experience is good ones are cheap. Best of luck...
  4. Sgt Hulka

    Desert or OD Paint for a 1964 M54 cargo truck?

    Whatever you do, rescue and preserve that "Desert Returns" label. Way cool. And maybe that points the way to your paint dilemma. Paint it as the Army last did. Presumably in its current scheme (consistent with label...)
  5. Sgt Hulka

    Time for a no nonsense, come to Jesus moment, about m1009

    P.S. Get the Wellman 050 glow plugs for the conversion. I've had a great experience with them.
  6. Sgt Hulka

    Time for a no nonsense, come to Jesus moment, about m1009

    You'll be very happy with the Roscommon conversion. And you'll find it easy to convert back to 24v should you desire.
  7. Sgt Hulka

    3 color desert paint on m1009

    Actually, a chocolate chips pattern would be pretty cool!
  8. Sgt Hulka

    need some M1009 civi tire advice

    I would go to several tire shops and tell them you want the cheapest house brand 31-10.50 you can get. Go with the lowest bidder... Modern tires are like modern electronics or California wines. It's hard to find bad ones at any price...
  9. Sgt Hulka

    tires again

    As far as I know, you don't need any lift for 33" tires. That doesn't mean you don't want a lift, but it's just not necessary. I may go to 33" tires sometime myself and I believe in stock generally...
  10. Sgt Hulka

    3 color desert paint on m1009

    Very nicely, artfully done. I say just do it and post the pics!
  11. Sgt Hulka

    Bypassing gp controller

    Once I converted to full 12v and got a good GP card, my starting has been rock solid in both my M1009s down to 25 degrees... According to my research, the thing that blows the GP cards most often is 24v going places it shouldn't...
  12. Sgt Hulka

    Time for a no nonsense, come to Jesus moment, about m1009

    EMR... I'd love to see the data on how the J code 6.2s were not "high mile motors" in civilian life. I'm not saying you're not right. I'm just saying that my research indicates the exact opposite. Also my experience may not be representative, but I have two M1009s, both of which have proven to...
  13. Sgt Hulka

    bad day electrically

    Sorry. One of the reasons I converted to 12v...
  14. Sgt Hulka

    New guy from CA

    Your daily is a '97 Eagle Talon? You're my hero...
  15. Sgt Hulka

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome, old ally!
  16. Sgt Hulka

    Newbie from Montana

    Welcome Montana. From where I recovered one of my M1009s...
  17. Sgt Hulka

    Time for a no nonsense, come to Jesus moment, about m1009

    Also, what's the beef with the Detroit Diesel 6.2? I've done a lot of research on this engine and they are overwhelmingly considered solid, reliable, if underpowered units. They have a better rep than the 6.5 that succeeded them...
  18. Sgt Hulka

    Newbie from GA / US ARMY

    Welcome and many thanks for your service.
  19. Sgt Hulka

    My CUCV is running just fine thank you!

    M1009s... After sitting for 10 years, I drove one of mine from Butte Montana home to San Francisco. Rotting tires, bad gps and all... Since appropriate service and conversion to 12v, I drive it everyday and put it to work in the mountains. My other one is a rusty one with a zillion miles on it...
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