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  1. frank8003

    Craig tulls drawing (003A)

    This is all out of my pay grade but I did find this somewhere
  2. frank8003

    mep-802a running temperature

    I did not find this but here it is
  3. frank8003

    M35A2 throttle sticking

    spring is worn out?
  4. frank8003

    M35A2 throttle sticking

    All this information can't hurt....... Also When I was young all the car manufatures went to double springs or better on the "hold back spring". I had no steering box so devised a douuble spring thingin, Here is my solutions. If...
  5. frank8003

    5w40 diesel oil

    Just Do Not ever put that used diesel crankcase oil into the fueltank. Can't get the soot out.
  6. frank8003

    CUCV Radiator Replacement

    When your new adiator arrives and works and you put it in then Please post all the order numbers and photos. Your efforts coould alleviate all the question with answers and be a great help down the road. A suggestion is to just post ithere under your title that is a logical title as thos search...
  7. frank8003

    Water in crankcase

    You can try it but Kroil is the only penetrant I ever seen to do the "wick up" trick
  8. frank8003

    Water in crankcase

    Kroil is your friend, pull the injectors and put Kroil or/our favorite ATF 50/50 miture after draining crankcase. Give it time passing and see what drains out before you "move" the engine.
  9. frank8003

    Gasoline and WMO mix ?

    Frick brand compressor oils, but will they burn? Must got the MSDS I just used 90% new motor oil of every flavor, multifuel loved it.
  10. frank8003

    Deuce front winch clutch control lever safety latch

    gringeltaube is the best, huh
  11. frank8003

    Trailering an MEP 803a

    contact Valence, He at least can point you in the right direction.
  12. frank8003

    Deuce front winch clutch control lever safety latch try TM 9-2320-361-24P and TM 9-3836-206-34P Look for winch in the TM when viewed as a PDF. Open the PDF and click on Ctrl and F at sametime and get a search box. Go thru the TM's like that util you get the diagrams...
  13. frank8003


    cool beans, now you just need those litle half doors for the back, the ones with handles on outside only. Can fit a lot os stuff in there, maybe even make nic way to lock the doors to protect your stuff. Maybe your guy can make them...
  14. frank8003

    FBI truck auction Argosy

    Thank You DMax82 that auction done at $58,100? She weighs almost four times fully loaded at GVW as to what what the Deuce weighs empty 2005 FREIGHTLINER ARGOSY Sale-Lot Number:AXQSCI22002706City, State:Auburn, WA Current Bid:58,100 USDBidders:18 Close Time:02/03 07:22 PM CT (Closed)
  15. frank8003

    FBI truck auction Argosy

    I have not found it in GSA auction site.
  16. frank8003

    MEP-003 Water in Exhaust

    Kroil can be your your friend with this
  17. frank8003

    M101A2 Wheel/Tire Upgrade?

    Take same photos with trailer it loaded up to maximum, watch that brakeline.
  18. frank8003

    Dead Pilot's M36a2 Build

    That is yucky. At the least one can identify the broken pieces as to what they did when new and what it is those parts did. I am following so which TM are you useing?
  19. frank8003

    CUCV Camo Paint Pattern

    Here is something to read about your camouflage. And maybe, for all that money, one should read the TM's and TB
  20. frank8003

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    There is more of them too
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