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  1. M35fan

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - September VOTE HERE!

    Gents, we have here some fine vehicles to drool over. This is the one and only place where I ENJOY campaign speeches. So let's hear em!
  2. M35fan

    Canister Style Fuel Filter Removal

    Excellent! Hard work does pay off. Glad you got her going.
  3. M35fan

    Unreal Rig

    Each time I look at that picture, I hear "Autobots, transform!" in my head. Child of the 80s :LOL:
  4. M35fan

    Fuel Tank Questions

    The primary filter I use is a Wix 33511. Napa part number for the same filter is 3511. I've read some posts that say this filter is not an exact fit, but I have had no problems with mine so far. There is a direct replacement available from Memphis Equipment, that can be cleaned and re-used. The...
  5. M35fan

    Fuel Tank Questions

    The two canister filters on the engine are the same. You should also have a primary filter located on the passenger side, underneath the alternator/generator. It is often forgotten.
  6. M35fan

    Deuce Engine years of manuf. by producer

    Welcome to Steel Soldiers! Is the Deuce that you're looking at an M35? I had to Google what a Buda engine was, I had never heard of them. According to the "net", Buda engines were bought out by Allis Chalmers in 1953. I've never heard of a stock military Deuce with that brand engine. Not saying...
  7. M35fan

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2023 - August VOTE HERE!

    Y'all made it VERY difficult to choose this month! All deserve to win. Good luck, everyone!
  8. M35fan


    East Texas is where I learned about "fire ant balls". No, it's not what it sounds like lol. When it floods, (and it floods a LOT there) the ants who are washed out of their hills will form into a ball, sort of "holding hands". They are even smart enough to rotate the ball so their buddies can...
  9. M35fan


    Ah yes. There it is. My memory ain't what it used to be. Also, my memory ain't what it used to be. Lol I was thinking of "Pale Rider" Edit: I was wrong again lol. It was "High Plains Drifter". I'm gonna just stop now with only one foot in my mouth.
  10. M35fan


    Well, yeah movies are another matter. I grew up watching all of those Western Greats because of my Dad. A cultured man, he is. Yall are welcome to disagree with me, but I like the Duke and Clint Eastwood both a lot better in the old west. Seeing them as detectives just doesn't feel the same. I...
  11. M35fan


    I'm more of a Gunsmoke fan. Or maybe Bonanaza
  12. M35fan


    Maybe I've been watching too many kids movies. But the first one looks like a pissed off ant, and it's looking at the camera. The second one is a p'd off ARMED ant, and it's looking away. Not to make fun of them, they're cool looking trucks. Just sharing what I see.
  13. M35fan

    Thank you Guyfang!

    I didn't know whether to "Wow" or "Ha Ha" this comment. I wonder how Mrs. Guyfang feels about the arrangement? Also, just going by what I've seen on here, Guyfang is a class act. Glad to know he's real, and not A.I.
  14. M35fan

    Kaiser M817 fuel filter

    Your truck is in the 809 series. TMs can be found (free download) here: Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your project. Post some pictures of it, when you can!
  15. M35fan

    M35A2 starting issues

    I cannot add to the good advice above, except: My truck acted exactly the same way once. For me, it turned out to be weak batteries. They were each showing ~12.5V on my meter, but when I took them to Oriellys for a load test, they didn't have enough amps. I put two brand new batteries in, and...
  16. M35fan


    I can relate to not aging gracefully. Some days I wake up feeling 18 and by the end of the day I feel 81 lol! From my point of view, just reading what you post here, it seems like you bounced back pretty well so far. You should give yourself (or maybe your hard skull) more credit.
  17. M35fan


    I was giving you "Super Dave" status, sir.
  18. M35fan


    Hey that sounds like an awesome project! My Dad had an old CJ7 when I was a kid. It was all stock except for the Camaro seats, and it had the 304 (?)V8. We took that thing down a lot of trails. I'm not familiar with the more recent models, but sounds like a hoot!
  19. M35fan


    Yes, indeed. I was just giving "Super Chucky" some audience feedback :D
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