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  1. 1stSarge

    CUCV Electric Explained

    *** CUCV Electric is out of business !!!! *** A thank you, apology, history, and explanation… I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been so supportive of me in the last couple of months. Your words of encouragement have meant the world to me and have been a rock. I...
  2. 1stSarge

    CUCV Electric

    I think my emails must be going into Derricks spam folder. Here is the latest, re-sent this morning; This has been my practice for quite a while now. If PayPal wants to investigate a transaction due to something they think is suspicious, I will wait for a while, then most likely ship anyhow...
  3. 1stSarge

    Should I marry this girl?

    Yeah… I did that :D November 17th, 2012
  4. 1stSarge

    Simple Manual Glow Plug Switch Question

    What did you do to troubleshoot it? Wouldn’t you rather fix the problem that might easily be a bad connection, rather than hack the wiring? The level of support on this forum is outstanding for such endeavors. The typical glow plug relay normally draws less than 2 amps, and is already fused...
  5. 1stSarge

    Hello from Columbus, OH!

    I don’t know if I would drive Kips truck, it is one of our official test vehicles and right now the solargizer is desulfating the space modulator… ugh… Welcome from just north of you…
  6. 1stSarge

    M1008 "wait light" issue

    Bad temp sensor, or loose/dirty/damaged connection to the temp sensor. CUCV Temperature Sensor-CUCV Electric
  7. 1stSarge

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    Well that was the problem with too many directions… somebody said 90 degrees and I thought they were telling me the easy way to replace the brake lines. :?: In any case , the homage to gimpy was a nice thought although we didn’t get a pic of the box of the HoHo’s sitting on top. We knew gimpy...
  8. 1stSarge

    GP card help from an NC member?

    The connectors in the back of the housing do cause a lot of problems, especially with the temperature sensor circuits and the ground circuits. Many times they are bent/twisted or dirty/corroded. You can remove the connectors, and repair and clean them individually. You will need a couple of...
  9. 1stSarge

    Aparently there's an issue with my sig

    I think Joe said it best. But if its making you feel funny, then create a separate website for the surplus section, put the “vendor” label in your name, and post the link to that site in your signature as per the site rules. You could always have profound links to militaryoffroadtires on that...
  10. 1stSarge

    REPAIRED near Roosevelt Lake AZ

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am pretty impressed with the title changing! Great job guys!:beer:
  11. 1stSarge

    cucv voltage drop

    Welcome and thank you for the follow up. :beer:
  12. 1stSarge

    Gen 2 light off then on

    Thank you for the follow up.:beer:
  13. 1stSarge

    M1009 gen 1 light flashing

    Thanks Joe As inexpensive as they are, I think everyone into MV’s should have a load tester. But I would take it somewhere if I was in doubt. If you do take the alternator to the parts store for testing, make sure they know it is an isolated ground. Meaning that they need to put the negative...
  14. 1stSarge

    Findlay 2012 Armed Forces Day Event

    I will do some more tomorrow. That batch will have a bit of a story to it.
  15. 1stSarge

    Findlay 2012 Armed Forces Day Event

  16. 1stSarge

    Findlay 2012 Armed Forces Day Event

    Some Random Pictures
  17. 1stSarge

    Findlay 2012 Armed Forces Day Event

    Nothing to it Sky! Here is a pic of when I first learned from gimp how to do it (I later learned how to do it correctly from Kip).
  18. 1stSarge

    Findlay 2012 Armed Forces Day Event

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?:shock: Kip, will you text Julie in the morning and tell her that she is going to have to return those socks with the toes in them and the Elvis tee-shirt? I don’t want to be the one to tell her.
  19. 1stSarge

    CUCV - Out of Business? On Vacation?? Non Responsive? Or...??????

    Warrens shipment is now apparently one of five missing shipments. Some of the tracking info is strange, some of it is not there at all. In any case, when the first of these came to light, I discussed this with USPS and my local branches. Based on the recommendations, I have put in claims on...
  20. 1stSarge

    Glow Plug Controller

    CUCV Temperature Sensor Connecting Harness - CUCV Electric CUCV Temperature Sensor - CUCV Electric
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