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  1. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    M105A2 camper build

  2. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    MS,AL,GA Rally

    LOKI...Im in OLIVE BRANCH....well actually LouAnn is, at the shop at work. But I live in Southaven....Thought I was the ONLY one up in the Mid South to have a Deuce. Theres Michael Captain in Memphis, Lee In Collierville as well, but Ive never met either one in person. But still, yeah even a Mid...
  3. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Bought this deuce 17 days ago

    theres a sight that has all the measurements listed....probably THE best sight for bobbing a Deuce... I prefer the factory bed, to me, the 105 looks sissy-ish.
  4. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Electric Wipers Install

    Is there more room in the A3 vs the A2?...
  5. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Deep South guy and gals

    Im down for long as you talkin bout Dans Truck Stop there at 49 & 98.....Whats with the 5Ts sittin on the side up the road from Dans anyways?
  6. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Electric Wipers Install

    Thats actually a nice install.....Id be interested in more pics if you will can email em to me if ya like....
  7. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    How Much Diff Oil is Enough?

    We service our own Heavy haul trucks, and we do the fill it til it barfs....your not going to fill the housing & axle tubes to the point where the breather/vent is blocked....(youd have to have the truck on its nose to do that...) Seal failures are 9 out of 10 piss poor installation...either...
  8. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    m35a2 Ram Air Snorkel

    Yeah, Id like to do that as well.....and a PN would be reeeal swell.
  9. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    She is a leaky one

    whoops.....Prell shampoo.....on a Carbon Black train derailment, soap just doesnt get it...Prell is the only thing to getcha clean....Carbon Black will give ya a black tipped turd.....Try scrubbing Prell into the driveway with a deck brush...
  10. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    She is a leaky one

    We always keep a bottle of Prell in our wreckbags for workin Carbon Black dereailments....its the only thing that works..
  11. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Deuce trailer build thread

    a Gama-Deuce.......intriguing Watson!!
  12. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Drive Shaft

    Hey me por faver....Im gonna need a longer shaft....
  13. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    Driving by BFR Metals

    hmmmmm a winch would be good, as my Left housing is cracked....At first, I thought it would be because the previous owner used his non winched truck to push mine, and hit it with his....but I found a Grade 8 bolt in the driveshaft, so now Im thinkin it was shocked and that was the fat lady for...
  14. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    deuce smoking like a freight train

    Atleast now you can have the lil Powerstrokes an Cummins be jealous....LOL....Im gonna be doin an engine swap soon, and Id like to know how to rectify that problem if I have it rear its ugly head on my new one....
  15. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Hey Glen, yall have any Deuces there or is it all 5T's and up?
  16. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    LDT's in the cans

    im guessin "1D" is the D turbo?
  17. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    help with starting without Starting fluid.

    yeah, them Possums is cute. "Red Possum" was my handle when I pulled Oversize loads. Romeo Papa would throw em for a loop when we would all rally up at a large delivery staging site.
  18. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    help with starting without Starting fluid.

    yeah Im gonna text it to you here in a second.
  19. OverSizeHeavyHauler

    help with starting without Starting fluid.

    Im gonna tackle the leaking Intake Heater leak first tomorrow, so I can HOPEFULLY with all fingers crossed, drive it 30miles to my work, instead of tryin to get my buddies hyd lowboy and haul it. I just gotta get it from his house to where I can work on it on my weekends at work when nobodys...
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