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  1. silverstate55

    Questions about Title Transfer

    What state was the truck originally registered & titled in? Is this an out-of-state purchase, if so, was it from a state that would register it but not issue a title due to its age? This latter sounds like why your DMV is making you jump through these hoops. The better & sooner you can answer...
  2. silverstate55

    Mk48 LVS Tire hoist ?

    @tatra813 Message sent to you.
  3. silverstate55


    The video is awesome, would love to hear about how you acquired it as well as any history you know of it. Unless you have already posted this and I missed it (entirely likely)….
  4. silverstate55


    Is that your T55? All the Russian soldiers watching YouTube just died a little more inside, watching the demise of an appliance they never had a chance to ”appropriate…”
  5. silverstate55

    Wheres all the folks using antifreeze in their tires ?????

    I used to but found that by doing so with steel wheels it really accelerated corrosion & rust inside…. And I live in a dry climate. I stopped doing it, switched to Goodyears on everything & don’t notice any difference any more.
  6. silverstate55

    Mk48 LVS Tire hoist ?

    Not at the moment sorry…. But if plans change I’ll reach out to you.
  7. silverstate55

    Davit crane mods for an M813 / A1 with 16.00R20s

    That is amazing!! Fantastic job!
  8. silverstate55

    Mk48 LVS Tire hoist ?

    I recently picked up a couple of these at a local auction. The davits & hoist pieces are stored next to the carrier and secured with straight pins & R-clips. Hope this helps.
  9. silverstate55

    Short Airpack Redux

    If it’s just a light coating I wouldn’t worry about it…. I haven’t had any issues with mine since.
  10. silverstate55

    New-Style (Short) Airpack Teardown & Repair with Photos

    Hopefully you’re just overthinking things…. I haven’t had any issues with mine since posting this but I only used a very thin coating.
  11. silverstate55

    Newby from UT

    Welcome from Southern Utah! You’re in Utah Military Vehicle Club home territory there, I’m surprised @Valence hasn’t posted here yet.
  12. silverstate55

    Anyone know what the MRAP wheel part number is for aluminums for gov planet?

    Simp’s 920 Build thread has some good info on what wheels fit the 920 & 916 trucks as well as links to other useful threads.
  13. silverstate55

    Anyone know what the MRAP wheel part number is for aluminums for gov planet?

    20-inch wheels won’t fit on 920/916 front wheels as the valve stem doesn’t have enough clearance. It will require grinding the front drum down for the valve stem to clear. @simp5782 listed the wide flotation 22.5” wheels he runs on his in his 920 thread, otherwise 24.5” wheels generally fit...
  14. silverstate55

    ISO fuel tank pickup tube size for m923A2

    Not right off hand, but a member here was selling replacements a while back… Mine had the solder joint break & the pickup tube was lying on the bottom of the tank. I took both to a local Parker-authorized hose shop & they brazed both for strength. Haven’t had any problems on the pickup side...
  15. silverstate55

    WMO users in Ohio?

    The turbos will definitely help; your big issue will be visible smoke…running WMO will generate some. IIRC Utah allows around 20% opacity for exhaust, particularly up in the Wasatch Front with its inversion layers. Adjust the percentage of WMO added to your diesel for the desired exhaust...
  16. silverstate55

    First car show of the year!! (Peoples Choice Award)

    Quite an impressive equipment layout. What was your theme/time period with all the woodland?
  17. silverstate55

    M105 trailer...

    WOW nice, clean, and complete! Looks like you could use a new cover for it! :cool:
  18. silverstate55

    Simp's M920 build thread

    WOW! That’s going to be awesome!!
  19. silverstate55

    Pintle hitches on tanks and APCs

    Israelis use pintle hitches on their tanks to tow mobile bridges to cross obstacles, among other things. In Desert Storm a few tanks towed MICLIC mine-clearing trailers, the MICLIC system was pretty new at the time.
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