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  1. mike634

    Need a new fuse box for M1009

    Check out Hillbilly Wizard. I just picked up a really nice one from him and I'm in the middle of putting it in.
  2. mike634

    Fuse Block

    I am thinking of picking up the fuse block and wire harness for the dash and giving it shot. Thanks Rick . I will take all the help I can get.
  3. mike634

    Fuse Block

    Sounds like I might be in over my head with this. Thanks for all the guidance.
  4. mike634

    Fuse Block

    Looks like during the local Memorial Day parade the fuse block where the 30 amp headlight fuse decided to melt. Now I have no headlights, taillights or turn signals. Has anyone tackeled this fix and how did you go about it? Also any idea where to find a new fuse block if that's the best rout...
  5. mike634

    Template to make DIY front wheel house panel side splash shield left and right

    I picked up a set from a guy on Ebay who makes them. They looked factory and fit perfect.
  6. mike634

    M1028 Accessory Cables in Bed

    Looks like the radio power and antenna cables.
  7. mike634

    Pics of members rides in their parades

    St. Patrick's Day 2023
  8. mike634

    CUCV M1031 fuel filler neck and fuel filler hose

    Filler neck part number is 14063327. E bay has several listed. Hose part number is 14063334
  9. mike634

    Dash screws M1008

    From the TM it takes 9 of part # 11501151 and 5 of part #11501153
  10. mike634

    Marking Under Fender

    Found this under the left front fender of my 1028. Its on the front left side of the cab covered by the fender. Any idea what "Cut in 4850A" could mean?
  11. mike634

    Super Lug 9x16 tires

    Had them on my M1028 when I bought it. They were ok for about 10K miles. After that I started getting the death wobble. I swapped them out for radials and the wobble went away.
  12. mike634

    Oil type and weight?

    15W40 in the 6.2 also
  13. mike634

    Please help me to detect wires

    Definitely not CUCV gauges. Starting at the upper left, the upper two spots should be the four wheel drive light with the oil pressure light next to it. The bottom two are the GEN 1 and Gen 2 lights.
  14. mike634

    Voltmeter click?

    Check the glow plug solenoid under the hood bolted to the fire wall
  15. mike634

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Hold down for the bottle jack
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