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  1. G-Force

    Gilbert Pa. Rally

    "Will be arriving early with Art Swain, the North Jersey, and the guys from Canada. If anyone is looking for anything for MKT's, will have many NOS parts as well as takeoff parts. From MBU's, 4" griddles to operations manuals and cabling. Let me know early on the heavy stuff, as I am loading...
  2. G-Force

    Steel Soldiers MV of the Month - March 2015

    15????? That's the ONLY comment I get from YOU PB??? no" WOW, nice truck" or " I've never seen a more beautiful piece of military surplus before in my life" or "Can I have a fudgecicle?" :sad:
  3. G-Force

    Steel Soldiers MV of the Month - March 2015

    Because that's all they had on the GL auction when I was looking for a cover. And it was complete and the price was right.:naner:
  4. G-Force

    Steel Soldiers MV of the Month - March 2015

    Alright PB. I'll toss my hat....errr...TRUCK into the running. And "YES" the cover is "WHITE" And "NO John" its not the "The Ice Cream Man"
  5. G-Force

    M35, 2.5 Ton Front Springs

    Find a spring place up by you that does over the road truck springs. They can take yours and make new springs or replace the leaves that are broken.
  6. G-Force

    If you work beneath your truck, absolutely close the cab doors!

    I thought the whole purpose of having a truck was to be able to reach your deductible on your health insurance faster.......:doh:
  7. G-Force

    M35A2 Continental Multi Fuel - Harmonic Balancer cracked - why?

    Before you go any further, see if you can slide the replacement damper on the crank without the key. From your pictures it looks like your damper has a loose fit on your crank (the rust spots on the crank surface are signs of what we call contact stress corrosion). If the damper fits on by...
  8. G-Force

    Red Ball rally in Gilbert PA, Sep 2014 - who's going?

    I had a blast convoying out with Art and Steve towing the M37 and meeting up with you John at McDonalds. Convoying back with you John was also great. Even though your truck smokes so much it was making my eyes burn......only kidding. Really had a blast at the show. Looking forward to Sussex...
  9. G-Force

    Water in the front axle.

    G, If I told you once I've told you a THOUSAND can't keep your vanilla ice cream in your front axle housing........IT'S NOT REFRIGERATED
  10. G-Force

    Repro brake light switch alernatives?

    I thought they were very reasonable considering the air brake light switch kist were like 60 something dolllars on Fleabay. This is what I ordered back in January. Qty 1 P/N 4813 Disconnect Switch $113.57 eaQty 1 P/N 1331 Bracket 27.00 ea. Qty 2 P/N 7006 Stop Light Switch kit 50.69 ea Qty 2...
  11. G-Force

    Repro brake light switch alernatives?

    Clinto, I ordered mine from UCOM. they are the vender which supplies the gvt. This is the link. You can order the air switch separately or as a kit.
  12. G-Force

    Change my oil and this came out the drain plug.

    I was going to say it could be a spring from your governor on your injection pump. Or it could have been a spring from an old injection pump that was changed out. you never know.
  13. G-Force

    Backfiring and not running without choke almost closed

    It could be a fuel restriction or not enough fuel getting to the carb. Are you sure the timing is supposed to be 2 degrees after tdc? That doesn't sound right. Also, does it have a mechanical advance (weights under the plate the points mount on). These could be stuck in the retracted position so...
  14. G-Force

    What part in this???

    It probably leaks gear oil...they do when the seal (or is it an o-ring...I forget) inside is bad. you'll find out once you start leaving puddles of gear oil in your parking spot.
  15. G-Force

    Hey guy I think I have a head gasket blow out... what do you think

    Well, at least it won't rust under the hood.
  16. G-Force

    M35A2C master cylinder failure?

    Clinto, you need to order the adapters from Motive Products i think it's the Chrysler adapter that fits. There is a thread on here that mentions it. Search is your friend but not mine so look it up...... there is an application guide for what adapter...
  17. G-Force

    Sussex NJ MV Show

    All I knoiw John is I am NOT taking charge of getting rid of Kenny's fryer oil on the last night like at Gilbert........I hope Kenny remembers to bring some "RIPPERS"
  18. G-Force

    Sussex NJ MV Show

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