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  1. OBX

    Ibis Tek front bumper for HMMWV

    I obtained a NOS Ibis Tek bumper 2 years ago. Certainly better to have up front than stock alternatives. However, I don’t intend to test its efficacy any more than I willfully plan to test the truck’s DWF capability! I also added a pintle extension in the rear for additional protection in the...
  2. OBX

    What Causes Fuel Tank Collapse?

    Removed vent line valve and found it to be completed clogged. Truck now runs fine. Will change out the fuel tank when I run out of other things more important to complete at the moment. Thanks to all for your input.
  3. OBX

    What Causes Fuel Tank Collapse?

    Thank you for the suggestion but the forklift scratches are superficial and two years old. The tank collapsed just a few days ago.
  4. OBX

    What Causes Fuel Tank Collapse?

    I have a NOS fuel tank to replace it with, but still need to determine the cause. Will start by inspecting the vent line as suggested by Coug. No doubt the fuel pump is a good one, as CAMO said. One thing for sure…the entire fuel system is air tight! This is one for the books if even Steve/RWH...
  5. OBX

    What Causes Fuel Tank Collapse?

    Experienced “fuel starvation” symptom of reduced power requiring increased throttle to maintain speed. Was able to make the trip back to my shop, but just barely. Humvee still starts immediately, idles without a problem. Was looking under the truck today and much to my surprise, noticed the fuel...
  6. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Fabricated fixed position windows and frames for my rear doors this weekend. Used 1/2” polycarbonate and 1 1/2” aluminum angle, 3/16” holes, 1/8” flat rubber for a seal on both sides of poly. Front doors have operable windows also made from 1/2” polycarbonate. Doors and door jambs are still a...
  7. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Conversion of 1152A1 to 4 door still in progress. Rear doors fitted with continuous hinges today. Doors were fabricated by Joe at TwistedMetalworks. Also installed Jeremy Johnson running board/rail sliders. Jeremy is certainly a master of metal fabrication.
  8. OBX

    What is it?

    I can’t identify all of it, but this much for sure; 1) Sandwich size zip lock bag. My friend wishes he had these zip -locks in the late sixties. He had to fold baggies over and lick to seal in his personal use agricultural contents. 2) Possible freezer size zip lock baggie. Would have held...
  9. OBX

    1988 HMMWV on 49” swampers questions

    Won’t need DWF, probably floats! 😳
  10. OBX

    FRAG 7 Door Info

    My 1152A1 is equipped with IbisTek push out windshields, no interference with standard profile hard doors. I relocated mirrors to the doors only as convenience, not necessity. As a driver I didn’t like looking through windshield to see the mirror.
  11. OBX

    Front passenger side electrical cable?

    Welcome to the forum. It would have been impossible for me to be this far along on my Humvee build If not for all the useful information provided by the SS members. You are fortunate to have found this site, please support it by membership subscription. That cut cable is 24v, most likely hot! Be...
  12. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Have not yet installed window hardware. Only pic I have of inside. Flat aluminum so far. When ordering doors I opted for full coverage exterior (X-delete). The “X” design only serves to somewhat stiffen thin aluminum or fiberglass doors. Stock hinges are temporary. I have 20” continuous hinges...
  13. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Fitting custom made aluminum doors to my 1152A1. These 1/2” thick doors close with a solid clunk like the door of a quality gun safe! Decided to move side mirrors to the doors. So much better. Original placement of mirrors may serve a military purpose, but drove me nuts!
  14. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Error; duplicate post.
  15. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Received aluminum hinges for mounting aluminum doors to my Humvee. 6”wide x 20”long, 3/8” pin. Will trim excess material off one side of each as necessary. Will be through bolted. Vendor is great to work with. Will fabricate any hinge you can think of. These are from available stock material...
  16. OBX

    Rebuild engine dont start

    Congratulations 🎉 May your efforts be rewarded with many trouble-free miles/years of service! Please continue providing pictures and narration of your complete Humvee build. Documentation of your experiences benefit many of us with similar challenges ahead of us!
  17. OBX

    Wire 74a

  18. OBX

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Posting these pics for those that may be curious how Line-X is applied. Cost in my area is about $10.25 per square foot of coverage, 1/8” thick. Today had a M1114 steel hardtop sprayed. Complete procedure took 3 men x two hours. This hardtop is modified to fit my M1152A1 I’m reconfiguring to...
  19. OBX

    Waterproofing 1165 top

    Already had back wall sprayed. Will use silicone sealant to fill gaps between wall and truck bed. Will paint tan to match after hardtop is sprayed.
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