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  1. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    I suggest you check the voltage at each alternator. The regulator set point is 14.8 volts. If both alternators are operating you will see about 28 volts. To determine if the problem is in the alternator, click HERE.
  2. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    I can't speak of the light bulbs because I have never had mine out. I don't think the type is critical. I would worry more about the plastic cracking than melting. The lights are never on that long.
  3. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    Probably not, the regulator has to see enough voltage from the trio to turn on and start regulating. Initially, the voltage in the alternator is low and the light is on because it is grounded (not direct ground, there is a resistance) through the regulator. If the idle speed is a little low...
  4. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    If you unplug the two terminal connector from the regulator, does the light go out?
  5. Tow4

    What jack stands do you use….. looking cheap….

    I have 4 of the Harbor Freight 6 Ton stands that I bought 10 or 12 years ago. They are fine, and feel very solid.
  6. Tow4

    DOT 5 water contamination

    I went thru the same problem with my Deuce. All of the wheel cylinders and metal brake lines were rusted beyond repair from water intrusion. I replaced them and switched to DOT3. DOT3 absorbs water and since the water is suspended in the fluid, you can get it out when you bleed the system.
  7. Tow4

    Fill Jet A1 into the humvee?

    You do need to add a lubricant. When I was running Jet A in my 7.3 Power Stroke, I put 5 gallons of WVO with 25 gallons of Jet A. Realistically, you probably only need a gallon of VO. I've bought a gallon of Wesson VO at Publix and poured that in when I didn't have any WVO on hand.
  8. Tow4

    Question for Florida Residents

    Go with the historic vehicle registration if the truck and trailer are just toys. One time fee and a permanent license plate. All of the trucks and trailer I own or have owned have been registered historic.
  9. Tow4

    What have you done to your MKT this week???

    Plus 2 on Mike's chili-mac!
  10. Tow4

    Anyone have Florida registration for their M915/M916/M920?

    In Florida, the permanent semi trailer tags are for trailers that are pulled by GVW registered tractors. My M915A1 and M393A2 are both registered historic and have permanent antique tags.
  11. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    That's common. My passenger side alternator is the same and probably has never been rebuilt since the truck only has 28K miles. The driver side I rebuilt a few years ago and the light goes out immediately.
  12. Tow4

    Gen 1 Dash Light

    What happens if you increase the RPM slightly by pressing the accelerator before the light is out? Does the light go out immediately?
  13. Tow4

    Another CUCV Alternator question

    Follow the link. Testing the alternator on the vehicle
  14. Tow4

    Delco 27SI Type 200 vs. Type 100

    Keep in mind that many of the parts across the Delco SI series of alternators interchange. This is the correct part for 27SI type 100 series IR/EF alternators. It also fits Delco 10SI and 12SI alternators. You can find it by searching 39-101-3 on ebay.
  15. Tow4

    Delco 27SI Type 200 vs. Type 100

    Type 100 and 200 use the same brushholder.
  16. Tow4

    New member from Arizona 42 ford dually

    I had a 1950 F-3 and there were countersunk screws attaching the brake drums to the hubs. If there are screws, they get stuck. Heat the screw head with a torch until it glows and then it will unscrew easily.
  17. Tow4

    Alternator 1 overcharging

    Do this. Testing the alternator on the vehicle
  18. Tow4

    FL Can't get my m1083 Insured in FL

    Maybe just drop the RV registration. You may pay more for the tag, but it may be easier to insure.
  19. Tow4

    Would you pull 5 ton with this setup??

    I see you have a compressor on the Dodge and a air hose ran to the towed vehicle. Hopefully the brakes were fully functional and you were not just using the air to release the spring brakes on the wrecker.
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