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  1. orren

    Need fiberglass slats

    Need four fiberglass slats(3/4" X 3 3/4" X 108") as used on the M105 trailer and maybe some other similar equipment. Thanks for your help.
  2. orren

    M105A2 trailer build/ conversion

    Great looking trailer. Just got mine the other day with some side boards. I'm looking for four fiberglass boards (3/4" X 3 3/4" X 108") to repair one side. Do you have any or have any ideas where I might find them? Thanks for your help, Orren
  3. orren

    In Search of 9.00x20 Tires for M211

    Call me . I may can help. Orren Winjum , 386-658-3539
  4. orren

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Does anyone know if the Canadian MLVW type of wheel is available for the tubed tire in the 9.00 x 20 size tire? Thanks
  5. orren

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Sure could use two of these Canadian type wheels. How do I get in touch with seller? Thanks
  6. orren

    Pieces and parts for IP rebuild

    Do you have any parts out of a "G" type pump? I need a Stop Plate. Thanks.
  7. orren

    M36a3 who has one? How rare are they?

    I have a 1969 M36A2C that is on it's way to becoming a go-anywhere-camper. Yours looks great but still like my dual wheels in case one goes flat in the middle of nowhere. Thought about being able to put tracks on the rears. My wrench is handy, too. If you don't mind, about what did you...
  8. orren

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Sorry, I do not know the answer to your question. So far I have not been able to locate any Canadian wheels so I have not been able to measure them. I would like to know the answer to your question, too. If by chance you come across a couple please let me know. I do not need the tires...
  9. orren

    M35a2 Overdrive Kits

    Do you have his email address. Would like to get a copy of drawings and any other information on OD unit.
  10. orren

    No fuel at injectors, after replacing filters. Advice needed.

    After trying the above fix and still no go take the high pressure pump on the IP apart. There is some seals that may need replacing and check all other parts for defects. Read manual for best hints on what to do.
  11. orren

    Anyone interested in heavier duty hydraulic head button retaining clips?

    See you mess with odd parts and was wondering if you had and old 'G' model injection pump or parts from same? Parts off a Code G Fuel Injection Pump (Type PSB-6A) Stop Plate Part # PL 7957A I will pay something to be able to just...
  12. orren

    Injection Pump Rebuild

    Try this. Mylex International Fuel Injection Services If no satisfaction contact Ambac. They should know someone. Good luck, Orren
  13. orren

    Air assist issues

    Seems I read somewhere to use air tool oil throughout the system once in a while. Please let us know how this works if you try it. Thanks
  14. orren

    M35A3 check valve alternative question

    Question. Exactly where is this check valve located? Having starting issues on my M36A2 multifuel engine and am thinking of adding such a valve.
  15. orren

    Died w/decreasing idle

    If all else fails check the high pressure pump located in the IP. The seal slowly wears out and leaks more and more over time. Consult the TM's.
  16. orren

    Canadian MLVW wheels

    Please send a picture if possible. Looking of a couple of Canadian rims. Do you know if the NDT 9:00 x 20 with tube will work with these rims. Thanks Orren
  17. orren

    Jeepsinker's M35A2 6BT Cummins swap ( pics and videos)

    The 6BT is a great engine. Had one in a Dodge Pick-up but is too fussy about fuel quality. Been thinking about a 6 cyclinder CAT of some sort. What do you suggest? Thanks
  18. orren

    M35 Cargo Cover Question

    Right now I am using acorn nuts for a quick fix but eventually intend to go to a 'T' nut (the kind without prongs). Might have to oversize the holes in the metal but should completely eliminate any chance of rubbing after grinding off bolt's excess thread. Good luck.
  19. orren

    Custom wheels - Problem, questions, help.

    Those look nice but I need them in 20" for the NDT's and they must work with tubes .
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