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    N3118 voltage regulator

    It might work, it might do nothing, or it might fry your electrical system. I don't know which of the three it will do, but it's your truck so you are more than welcome to try it and see what happens. Just let us know the outcome, be it good or catastrophic. Other people have contacted...
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    N3118 voltage regulator

    3118 is for the 400 amp 3135 is for the 200 amp or 100 amp. 3119 is for the 100 amp There are several others, such as N3114 having the same NSN as N3117, and both of those working in place of the 3135 on the 200 amp, though I believe the N3135 is a newer version. So to answer why not, because...
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    HMMWV Differential Assy Question

    a very quick look in the parts manual showed me that the front and rear differential are the exact same part number for all A2 trucks.
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    Are there any trailers big enough to haul an MRZR that work with a HMMWV?

    BF Goodrich KM2 tires with a DOT rating on them, and in a standard automotive wheel size (17"), so I don't see why they wouldn't be road approved? image taken from one of the govplanet auctions Rim appears to be 6 lug, which is standard size for 5k axle. beadlock rims look pretty nice...
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    Is my tranny shot ?

    ...and all of your halfshaft bolts at the brake flange end.
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    REV winch options

    So for milemarker mounting, I put the SEC12 winch onto the hydraulic winch mount plate from milemarker, and bolt holes all lined up perfectly, so if the A2 winch plate bolts to the hydraulic, the electric is the same footprint.
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    Received 2002 M1097A2 for firetruck build - looking for advice

    That manual is for the ECV/REV series of trucks. The M1097A2 is part of the earlier series of trucks, so the manuals you need are a little different. This link is to all the TMs on this site for the truck you have.
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    M1097R1 battery replacement help

    I'm not as familiar with wiring the radio stuff, but I don't see why that wouldn't work.
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    M1097R1 battery replacement help

    If you are running 12V equipment, you will want to use a quality 24-12V converter, like the Victron Orion series. You can NOT just hook 12V stuff to the rear battery unless your truck has the dual output alternator in it, which wasn't common in the 3 speed trucks...
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    M1097R1 battery replacement help

    So as long as you get a matched set of batteries (same size, rating, and if possible same production date) then it doesn't matter. If you use the search function at the top left of the page and search this forum for batteries, you will come up with a lot of threads, as this is a commonly asked...
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    My 4L80E trouble codes

    Not only scream, but if you try to drive at high speeds, you're likely to destroy the 400 amp alt as well as damage the electrical system in the process.
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    My 4L80E trouble codes

    With the 400 amp alt and the tach getting it's signal from the alt, it also depends on what size pulley is on the alt for what the tach reads. 2800 rpms at 55mph in 4th gear sounds kind of high, at the same level as trucks with the small pulley on the 400 amp generator in other threads...
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    Yes, but it's also showing that there is only one valve stem assembly, and that isn't true because the E range have a different hole shape. If one thing is obviously wrong, then who knows what else is also wrong.
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    Registering in Colorado

    AM General is kind of 2 faced about it. A year or so after they sent out that letter, they opened up a website to sell HMMWV parts directly to civilians, rather than having to go through distributors.
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    All I can find so far is that the load range E wheels have the round valve stem hole in them
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    Also looking at the HPG website, they list one rim stud for all wheels with 12 or 24 bolt pattern.
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    Looking at the HPG website the 24 paired uses a different valve stem than any of the others
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    I found a copy of the 2009 revision of the ECV/REV parts manual. Only lists a single part number for the valve stem for both LR-D and LR-E wheels. Looks like the difference between the valve stem is the 24 bolt wheels have the letter D at the end assuming you're talking about part #12 in the...
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    What parts TM covers the 24 bolt paired wheels?

    You trying to find this page by any chance?
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    LAS VEGAS_BRAND NEW M1097R1 owner- Any tips?

    Just for reference, you won't find the M1097R1 in any manuals. Some of them are M1097A1, and some are M1097A2 trucks. The R1 at the end is because they went through a recapitalization program, basically a rebuild to bring them up to M1097 specs from whatever variant they were before that...
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