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  1. dougco1

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Rick, Please assure to all us followers that you pay special attention to and religiously use PPE while sanding the CARC on your projects.
  2. dougco1

    Wrong dash pad?

    May I suggest: If your just at the "beginning stages of your restoration" you may want to prioritize your repairs first. Run that ride of yours for awhile before you start dumping big dollars in to cosmetics such as the dash pad. There may be more urgent repairs needed that should be tended to...
  3. dougco1

    Wrong dash pad?

    That gray dash pad is not the original. The originals were a "burgundy/brown" color that matched the door panels and seats. The dash basil is the proper one but the PO must of converted to 12 volt . The non stock 12 volt meter in the dash tells all. Enjoy your restoration project.
  4. dougco1

    coolant light intermittently on: why?

    Same with me, just messing with the plug fixed mine
  5. dougco1

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    Rick Re-glue those corners first. Add wide painter's tape around the decal. Spray WD-40 "directly on a scrubby pad or rag" then add in some elbow grease and your problem will be solved. Just saying . Or is it because you don't own any WD-40
  6. dougco1

    M1009 Little Red Riding Hood.

    A little squirt of WD-40 and some elbow grease will clean up that jacking decal like new.
  7. dougco1

    AC 60G glow plug issue

    doghead has been off the site for a while now and won't be able to respond. You can get the insulated 1/4" female spade terminals at any auto parts store or Amazon AIRIC Female Spade Connector 16-14 Gauge 100PCS Nylon Fully Insulated Female Wire Quick Disconnects Spade Terminal Connectors...
  8. dougco1

    Land Rover, 1/2 ton, Airportable.

    Norwich I presume. Nice
  9. dougco1

    New LMC Diesel Gauges

    KMPH vs. MPH. Depends where you drive it most. The Chinese hasn't figured it out yet in their translation before they built the reproduction speedo
  10. dougco1

    Tan paint for humvee

    Behr Marquee Exterior flat applied with roller and brush. Center 10 KW genset was painted on access door only. The right 15 kw genset was totally repainted with the Behr paint. Original desert tan was faded so there was not a perfect match but was close enough for my needs.
  11. dougco1

    New Member from Albany, NY

    Welcome to the site, and welcome to the green madness. You will find allot of great resources hear. By the way, you pass right by my LZ in East Springfield when you head to Glimmerglass State Park.
  12. dougco1

    Military Boom Box

  13. dougco1

    Easter find M1008 2015

    Just an update on Easter Find She is now pulling her weight around the LZ. After giving some vets a ride in the 4th of July parade, she went to work pulling 6 tons of coal- a ton at a time of course.
  14. dougco1

    High rpm rythmic vibration, mid rpm hum.

    Rick, your present is terrifying, just terrifying.
  15. dougco1

    High rpm rythmic vibration, mid rpm hum.

    The advance solenoid works to increase the fuel delivery/timing in the IP to help with starting when the engine is cold. If you run down the road while the engine is still cold and or with the IP fuel advanced it will run rough make your truck hammer like your banging on the pistons with a...
  16. dougco1

    High rpm rythmic vibration, mid rpm hum.

    Check your air cleaner wing nuts for tightness. I had odd/loud/irritating noise that I ultimately traced to a loose air cleaner cover. Also, it sounds like your cold advance switch may not be working and is stuck on. I can hear some hammering on the cylinders as your driving it. Does your truck...
  17. dougco1

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    Add some white paint to your foam ceiling when your done and it will brighten your day.
  18. dougco1


    Rick, are you blushing yet?
  19. dougco1

    M1009 air intake cleaner

    No matter what is done to it, the 6.2 is still a turd trying to push a 2.5 ton brick down the road. And there will be no speed or pulling records broken while doing it. At least now it's quieter for you while thinking about the next upgrade.
  20. dougco1

    M1009 air intake cleaner

    Wow, now old age and schooling makes a difference.
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